Mayorkas Ignores All Warnings About the Venezuelan Killer Gangs


Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) told Rachel Campos-Duffy on FOX and Friends this morning that GOP lawmakers warned Mayorkas about the crime risk of Venezuelan gang members into the country.

Mayorkas couldn’t care less and never responded back. As Nehls said, everything Trump said was right.

Rep. Nehls mentioned the murder of Laken Riley at the hands of a Tren De Aragua gang member and went on to talk about the vicious gangs that are here or heading our way.

We have some of the most vicious gangs in Venezuela coming to America and setting up shop in major cities. As we reported recently, immigration attorney Rolando Vasquez has repeatedly warned us when the Maduro regime releases hundreds of killers to come to the US.

More Killer Gangs Are on Their Way As I Write

Since then, Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice Magistrate Edgar Gavidia announced that 100 prisoners have been released, and the country is looking to release more on a case-by-case basis.

“Since Friday, we have been carrying out an operation in the state of Miranda looking into preventative centers and prisons,” said Gavidia, according to the Daily Mail. “We’re looking case-by-case at anyone, giving justice to those who at one time made a mistake in their lives to expedite justice.”

“And these gangs are so violent. They were running those prisons. And again, there’s no way that our government, our intel agencies, who seem to know everything about all of us, especially if you’re a conservative, don’t know that Nicolas Maduro was emptying these prisons. And they know the havoc that these gang members were doing all over Latin America, and they were coming up here. What can you do now? I mean, you’re a member of Congress. You sent this letter. There have been tragic deaths. Now that you can say, hey, this is why this is happening. What can happen from this point forward?”

Tren De Aragua should be classified as a terrorist organization.

Our president is a lunatic.

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