GOP Rep OUTRAGED! Biden plans to send illegal kids to northern border


The Biden administration continues to call the crisis at the border a “challenge,” as children are raped, trafficked, or held in detention longer than the allowable 72 hours.

The Biden administration is planning to send the migrants north to states like Montana, South Dakota, and Michigan, The Washington Post reported.

Whether the children will have the proper clothes is an issue, but does anyone suspect they are doing it to eventually ensure these states turn solid blue?

Rep. Rosendale is outraged and wants more information.

According to an email sent to the Post, CBP officials have yet to make a decision as to which facilities will be taking migrants in.

Already, the agency has utilized aircraft to take migrants from stuffed shelters and detention centers in Texas’ Rio Grande Sector to neighboring El Paso. And on Thursday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said it would distribute $110 million to groups that provide food, water, shelter, and other provisions to migrants along the Tex-Mex border.

Indeed, the Biden admin plans to make every town a border town.

In 2015, Biden, when he had his faculties, promised to transform the country and replace us all.

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