Gossip About ‘White Racist’ Truckers on MSNBC


The trucking industry is in dire straits largely thanks to Democrats. California has passed draconian laws that make it too difficult to financially survive as an independent trucker. It is under the weight of this that MSNBC host Tiffany Cross entertained a guest complaining about white truckers, offering stereotypes of white truckers.

Cross wants more people of color in the industry and asked her guest how the “industry could be more welcoming.”

“Cause I have to tell you, I talked to a lot of truck drivers in preparing for this segment. And most of these truck drivers are people of color. And they talked about, you know, hearing some of the racism over the CB [Citizens Band Radio].”


“You know, this is again, an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55. This group of people overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Some people have talked about, you know, aggressive truck drivers, cutting them off or not being helpful. So obviously, the more populated is with people of color, I think you’ll see less of that. But how can you encourage people to come and disrupt this space, when it seems a bit unwelcoming?” Cross continued.

MSNBC guest Pamela Day, owner and president of the Crosscountry Truck Driving School, told Cross that she had experienced “lots of racism” during her nearly eight years of tucking experience: “Well, I think just what you’re doing, getting myself as a black female out there and letting people know, I drove for almost eight years. And yes, ran into lots of racism, but however, was out there to do my job.”

They didn’t present any evidence, but these vicious gossips don’t need evidence to spread hate and division.

Is this why Democrats are destroying the trucking industry? They want to destroy white working men?


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2 years ago

I do a lot of long trips through the Southern States. I do 6 hours at a stretch because that’s a full tank of gas. I refuel at both Loves and Pilot Truck Stops and take diner breaks there. I have a CB in my Pickup and monitor it continually for road information on these trips. By far the most racism on the CB is from “want to be” truck drivers.

I also live in Mississippi which has the most truck drivers per capita in the Nation. Most of these guys are also gentlemen farmers and ranchers who haul loads in between the duties on the farm or ranch. There’s a Loves not too far from my ranch on I-55 in Fernwood, MS. I stop there to fill up and grab breakfast on trips to Louisiana. The Drivers tell me all the same thing, “There is no money in trucking now with the fuel cost.” This trucking shortage is 100% Traitor Joe’s pie in the sky New Green Deal energy policy.

These guys do occasional local runs which are worth their while and spend more time on the farm or ranch. They can make do with the earnings from the ranch, especially with the high beef prices. Trucking was what we call in the South – Lagniappe. The trucking industry is not really consistent, it surges. Without the Independent truckers there will be shortages and delays. A great example is I stopped in a Walmart this weekend while I was in South Florida. There was Candy everywhere. I asked the Cashier about all the candy (at a discount) and she told it was originally ordered for Halloween, but didn’t arrive until last Thursday. This is what happens when you don’t want to pay a going wage for freight during a seasonal holiday, you end up selling things at a discount to get it off the shelves. I can’t wait to do my Christmas Shopping in January.

This is what happens every time the Government starts messing with the Free Market Capitalist System of Economics. Democrats never learn their lesson because they are Losers who don’t like Free Markets, or freedom period.

The Great Leap Potato
The Great Leap Potato
2 years ago

The old stale obsolete oppressed versus oppressors of comrade Marx.
Just let comrade kommissar Bezos be the cargo cult czar of goods and products redistribution.
Oh…he’s a white guy. (sad trombone)
Comrade kommissar Petey B will have to get busy dismantling those racist (gasp!) highways as we import tens of millions and the hecho en China supply chain goes bust.