Gov. Abbott Responds to Adams’s “Baseless” Suit & “Violations”


Earlier today, we reported that New York City Mayor Eric Adams sued 17 Texas bus companies for transporting migrants to sanctuary New York City, where they wanted to go. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sends a small number of migrants (illegal aliens), while Joe Biden’s regime sends 90% of the migrants that end up in other cities.

Gov. Abbott has responded:

“This lawsuit is baseless and deserves to be sanctioned. It’s clear that Mayor Adams knows nothing about the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution or about the constitutional right to travel that has been recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court. Every migrant bused or flown to New York City did so voluntarily after having been authorized by the Biden Administration to remain in the United States. As such, they have the constitutional authority to travel across the country that Mayor Adams is interfering with. If the Mayor persists in this lawsuit, he may be held legally accountable for his violations.”

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1 month ago

Here you go. From the Lawsuit: “Section
149 of the New York Social Services Law requires that “[a]ny person who knowingly brings, or causes to be brought a needy person from out of state into this state for the purpose of making him a public charge shall be obligated to convey such person out of state or support him at his own expense

Hope biden mayorkas and blinken have the cash to cover this because their the responsible party.

1 month ago

Fools like Eric Adams want them in our Country just not in his neighborhood. I wish Gov. Abbott the best.