Gov. Cuomo’s New No-Bail Law Freed 61 Gang Members on Long Island


This story, given the recent, brutal history of gangs on Long Island, seems utterly impossible to believe.  But since New York has become a one-party state, increasingly influenced by soft-on-crime Democrats, it is sadly, tragically, true.

Here it is.  Since implementing Gov. Cuomo’s increasingly controversial law mandating no-bail for 400 offenses previously requiring bond, a total of roughly 600 inmates have been released from jail cells throughout Long Island.

Of the 300 or so turned loose in Nassau County, 20 were known gang members.  Here’s a list of the larger, notorious gangs to which 14 had sworn allegiance.

  • Bloods 8
  • Crips 3
  • MS-13  1
  • Latin Kings 2

Of the 301 returned to the streets in Suffolk County, 41 were known “bangers”.   Thirty-four are members of these well known, deadly criminal crews.

  • Bloods 22
  • Crips 4
  • MS-13 6
  • Latin Kings 2

On May 23, 2018, President Trump, at the urging of Republican Congressmen Peter King and Lee Zeldin, brought his Attorney General and the head of I.C.E. to Bethpage, to address a local crisis centered around a growing number of utterly barbaric murders committed by MS-13.  Some of the victims’ families were present, while the parents of two butchered teenage girls spoke.

It seemed a turning point had been reached, and indeed numerous law enforcement agencies from all levels, including federal, began making sweeping arrests of gang members, badly damaging their organizations.

Yet somehow less than two years later, Cuomo along with Democrat legislators passed a law demanding that 61 people, with connections to the crews that caused years of murderous mayhem, be set free without bail.

Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon was pretty clear.  “We’re not talking about the first time offender, who has a $250-$500 bail.”  Toulon doesn’t want people with a record of assault or robbery returning to their community so easily.  “That’s not fear-mongering.  That’s just pure common sense.”

That type of “pure common sense” thinking seems to have skipped right past Prince Andrew Cuomo and his radical Democrat allies, guaranteeing increasingly perilous times for many New Yorkers.




  1. I hope they kill him and a bunch of new yorkers they need to be killed because they are the ones that put this low life in office.

    • When Democrat Socialists start turning up dead from the murders committed by these gangs, maybe then they’ll change their tune. But as long as working, middle class, and minorities are the victims they won’t do a thing. The insanity of this is beyond belief.

    • He’s got his own private army of goons carrying full auto weapons, they’d never get anywhere’s near him, now why would they want to kill their savior. The Democratic Party has goon completely insane and I hope that on Election Day, the good hardworking citizens remember them. WTF !

      • I highly doubt they check for ID before they choose their victims, nor do they check voter registration for party affiliations. All it will take us for one high profile liberal, and/or a family member, to be attacked and it will be game over for the trifecta of asshats running NY and NYC. When they lose the state, the new Republican leaders should pass a law stating that, any lawsuit paid out to families of victims, be funded by their pensions and not our tax money. Watch how fast they will lose interest in their poor, misguided, misunderstood criminals and their inability to post bail or avoid deportation.
        We promise to name a sewer after you Andy, right next to the one we rename after your criminal father. See, NY will have a new law stating that POIs and landmarks can’t be named after common street trash.
        I think a porta-potty or a dog curbing station would be appropriate for DeBlasio and his blabbermouth of a wife and a landfill after Schumer and his moron of a wife who still hasn’t figured out that she married a gay man…..this is going to be SOOOOO fun!!!!

  2. “Common sense” thinking, along with just thinking in general, abandoned the democrat party years ago in their mad quest for complete and total power over our country and US. They are now lost souls, the real-life “Walking Dead” and un-deserving of acknowledgement as anything else.

  3. Does this sh*t for brains Cuomo realize he just opened the door for more gang bangers to head to New York?????? what a dumba$$

    • All part of the plan. Get more gang bangers, things get violent, declare martial law in the state, take all guns and things go down hill from there with the govt in full control and free to do everything it wants to the people.

      • Susan, there is one problem with that plan. He can declare a state of emergency but Trump can declare Marshal Law and, under Marshal Law, a seated President cannot be removed from office until he lifts the declaration. He could end up with Trump at 1600 for 15-20 years.
        I am fine with that, but who will clean up the brains when the Dems heads explode?

  4. Cuomo’s desire to become president has him doing anything to appeal to the far left as he competes with other irrational people in his party for visibility.

  5. I sure would like to study his brain (it must be the size of a pinhead)…WTF is he thinking…NY’ers you need to leave that state, any state is better than this (except Cali)

  6. These thugs will return to their own turf and kill rival gang members or some of their own. That is, not the usual folk who donate to the DNC. And that is the key.

  7. These filthy murderous traitorous rabies infected DemonRats need to be hunted down and dealt with the same way you deal with a rabies infected animal,these filthy America hating gangsters are a bigger danger to us than any terrorist or infected animal

  8. Smart, very smart! All one can hope is that those that voted in these no-loads are the first to be brutally attacked, their homes burnt to the ground, their young daughters raped, and their life savings stolen.

  9. The BEST thing that we can do is pass this info around over and over again to remind folks that democrats are “soft on crime”!!!
    When November comes around and the “on the fence” independents need a push they can be reminded that along with OPEN BORDERS, GETTING RID OF ICE, SUPPORTING LATE TERM ABORTIONS AT BIRTH, RAISING TAXES, SUPPORTING ISLAMIC CONGRESSWOMEN WHO ARE ANTISEMITES, etc…that these are only part of the platform that democrats want for the United States…..
    I left out GUN CONFISCATION!!!!! I saved the BEST for last!!!!

  10. Somebody has to take Cuomo out and his political followers!!! Now all of us should arm ourselves and pass our own judgement on these criminals!!!
    Protect our families and our communities!!!!

  11. I hope each and every gang member visit COMO at his home to personally thank him the same way they have thanked there victims before. I am sure he will appreciate Shari g all those riches he has to share.

  12. Well, most of NY voters tried to get him out last election day..he only won 15 out of 62 counties. Unfortunately, NYC and Albany voters kept him in!

    • Correct!! Most of NY can’t stand him. Unfortunately, NYC runs NYS and that is bullshit. In Upstate and Western NY we get dicked over because NYC takes everything from us and we pay for it all.

  13. This is really bad. I don’t really understand why Cuomo, et al, would do this. Yeah, pandering to the left. But seriously?? Anyone with a grain of common sense knows these bad actors should be locked up.

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