Gov. DeSantis Responds to Attacks from Donald Trump and Nikki Haley


Donald Trump has attacked Ron DeSantis lately as the governor prepares to run for president. Donald’s last attack was calling DeSantis a RINO who hides his past.

This morning DeSantis was on Fox and Friends, and he was asked about recent attacks from Donald Trump and Nikki Haley.

Mr. DeSantis said if people don’t do their job, they “fly under the radar.”

“If people are not firing at me, I must not be doing my job. So I view it really as positive feedback.”

We don’t want to see Republicans obliterate one another. That’s apparently how DeSantis feels, also. He told the Washington Examiner he wants other Republicans to do well.

“I want other Republicans to do well. I don’t want any Republican to do poorly, so I’m not in a situation where taking potshots against other Republicans is something that I think is beneficial.

“I think get it done, keep your eye on the ball, and just keep delivering results and fighting back against the Biden administration,” he said.

DeSantis has also said he’s fighting Biden, not Republicans.

DeSantis is coming to Staten Island today to talk about crime and policing. He is undoubtedly on the campaign trail.

We will be very interested in hearing about his views on foreign affairs once he addresses it.

The Governor has been slipping in the polls lately and Donald Trump is on the rise.

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