Gov Evers okays dark [private, partisan] money in elections


Democrat cities in Wisconsin can continue to take dark money and coordinate their elections with partisan organizations thanks to Gov. Evers’ veto.

On Wednesday, the governor vetoed AB 173, which would have stopped private entities, political groups, and wealthy donors from funding local governments’ election operations.

The far-left governor sees nothing wrong with a Facebook CEO putting unsecured dropboxes everywhere.

Far-left, China-tied Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of FB, donated millions of dollars through a non-profit to Democrat-run cities in Wisconsin for election operations.

Evers is fine with that.

Democrats scream about dark money going into elections but not when it’s going into their elections. They even go after donors, doxxing them and trying to cancel them with the help of Twitter.

“I object to restrictions on local governments potentially using supplemental funding for election administration,” he wrote in his veto message. “This bill unnecessarily restricts the use of resources that may be needed to ensure elections are administered effectively.”

He should have said, “administered with fraud in mind.”

Sen. Duey Strobel (R-Saukville), who co-authored the bill, said “It is frankly shocking to me that Gov. Evers doesn’t believe there should be a law prohibiting partisan activists from controlling access to ballots, issuing recommendations on election decisions, and overseeing the conduct of our elections. Election integrity is not a partisan issue, and when private, partisan entities attempt to control our elections everyone loses.”

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