Gov. Hochul’s Flying a Communist Black Liberation Flag Over the Capitol


Governor Kathy Hochul issued a proclamation in observance of Juneteenth. The Governor also announced that the red, black, and green Black Liberation Flag will be raised over the New York State Capitol on Sunday, June 19, and Monday, June 20. Additionally, she’s ordering illumination of landmarks in red, black, and green on Sunday.

“Arriving just over a month after the horrific, racist shootings in Buffalo, this year’s Juneteenth observance is an opportunity to reflect and heal as we commemorate the emancipation of enslaved Africans and their descendants in this country,” Governor Hochul said. “In recognition of the Black community’s persistent and intergenerational resistance to institutional oppression, I have directed the Black Liberation Flag to be flown over the state Capitol …”

“Every year, on June 19th, we celebrate the freedom of African Americans who were enslaved until their liberation in 1865,” Lieutenant Governor Delgado said. “The painful legacies of slavery and segregation live on within our hearts…”

It’s the Democrats who enslaved people in the first place.

This has nothing to do with inclusiveness. It’s divisiveness, and it’s communism.

We do not celebrate this every year. It was a very small group of people who even knew it existed. This is another Marxist effort to divide Americans and destroy our history. It’s our fundamental transformation.

Governor Cuomo lit up state landmarks in red, black, and green in celebration of Juneteenth in June 2021. 

The Left is going to do to July 4th what they did to Columbus.

Red, black, and green are the colors of the Pan African Alliance. You may have seen BLM and Antifa waving those flags.

The black liberationists, with their Pan-African flag, are communists who are often violent.

“The Pan African Alliance is an All Black organization whose mission is to spread Black consciousness, fight white supremacy, and to support the establishment of a United States of Africa. Since 2014, we have unified members of the Pan African movement through education for Black liberation…, the Pan African Alliance dot com writes on their website.

They are black supremacists who plan to decolonize the United States.

Go to and you will see that it doesn’t get crazier than that. To join, you have to learn Swahili, the uniting language, and you have to be black.

They’re not waving US flags for a reason.

This is one of the Juneteenth flags:

This is another. The one on top is the actual flag and the one on the bottom is the recreation touted by Good Housekeeping. Do you see now where they are going with this?

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