Graham, Rubio, Others Join Dems to Pass Anti-5th Amendment Gun Laws


Under the guidance of Chairman Lindsey Graham, the lawmakers in the Senate Judiciary Committee discussed federalizing “Red Flag” gun confiscation law.

Those are the laws that deprive gun owners of their due process rights if someone thinks they shouldn’t have a gun and if a left-wing judge agrees.

Graham is pushing for a bipartisan agreement to make Red Flag laws federal, diminishing our civil rights.

“I really can’t see a reason why we can’t pursue this at the federal level, to incentivize states,” Graham said, ignoring the little thing called due process.

They just keep chipping away at our freedoms and we let them.

Among the other key Senators on the committee is Democrat Dianne Feinstein who has been a committed gun confiscator, seemingly from birth. Yet, she has a concealed carry gun permit because she’s special and someone threatened her once.

The agenda for the hearing was titled, “Red Flag Laws: Examining Guidelines for State Action.” Several “expert witnesses” testified before the committee.

There are currently two bills in the Senate, one introduced by GOP Sen. Marco Rubio and one proposed by Feinstein, focused on incentivizing states to implement red flag laws.

The laws are equally bad.

The idea behind them is fine. They don’t want maniacs to have guns. But abandoning our civil rights to do it and allowing whoever to deprive someone of their gun rights is hardly the answer, especially since they don’t work.

The Red Flag laws on the books in a number of states do not allow due process until after the guns are taken. And then it costs a lot of money to get them back if it’s even possible to get them back.

A single citizen can take a person’s gun rights away. It allows for the targeting of gun owners.

Senate Bill 1178 is one of the bills before the committee today.  As the NRA writes:

This gun control bill would create an avenue by which gun owners could lose their gun rights following an ex parte hearing where the gun owner would have no opportunity to challenge the claims being made by a petitioner.  A gun owner who has an order issued against them would have no ability to transfer their firearms to a third party.  Further, this bill includes vague definitions of relationships without timeframes where someone could petition for an order against someone they have not seen or with whom they have not lived for 40 years.

The [probably left-wing] judge would get to decide.

Has anyone ever heard of the Fifth Amendment and due process? Remember how the loss of due process went for Justice Kavanaugh?

During the hearing today, a sheriff said they need mental health professionals involved [they are almost all liberals].

One person did say we mustn’t conflate mental illness with criminality but that undoubtedly fell on deaf ears.

Gun grabbers want to take guns away from people with mental illnesses, physical illnesses, people who are elderly, former soldiers, people with crazy relatives. Any excuse works but it won’t do a thing to stop murderers.

The President says he will sign it. Call him at 202-456-1111. Call the Senate at 202-224-3121. Don’t be lazy. This is our Bill of Rights we are talking about. We can’t let them violate it. They are chipping away, and it will only get worse.

It’s only the beginning.


Federal Gun Confiscation Bill on GOP Senate Agenda!




  2. Too bad so sad for all those jumping on the pink palmetto princess Lindsey Grahamnesty bandwagon. Bend your knees and fold in your elbows when falling off.
    Disco boots Rubio is even more funny than Beta O’ Dorke when you need a good laugh.

  3. observations: Constitution-traitors implement gun “control” @ their own risk. Those who leave others alone will be left alone.

  4. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
    Benjamin Franklin, 1755

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