Great Resetter warned of cyberattack pandemics and then came Colonial


Klaus Schwab, the founder, and chair of the World Economic Forum, sounds like someone who wants world domination. In 2020, he spoke about the need for world government in The Great Reset to protect us from a cyberattack pandemic. He wants you to believe a community of socialists in Brussels can protect us.

This is as more serious cyberattacks, such as the Colonial Pipeline attack, hit the United States and do so more frequently. The Colonial attack was followed by almost no reaction from Joe Biden whose staff tell us it’s a private company matter. Biden passed a meaningless and empty executive order in the matter. He said he’d talk it over with Putin. Do we even know that the ransomware hackers are a Russian gang? Can we trust our intel community?

John Kerry has made it clear he will see The Great Reset come to fruition and assured Americans that Biden supports it as well. They all used the same slogan — Build Back Better.


Victor Davis Hanson discussed The Great Reset briefly on Laura Ingraham’s show last evening:

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