Half a billion dollars for the Pelosi troop show in DC


It costs nearly 500 million to transport and keep troops in D.C. for the Pelosi show of force.

The cost of deploying about 26,000 National Guard troops to secure the U.S. Capitol in the wake of the Jan. 6 riot is nearly $500 million, U.S. military officials said Thursday.

The deployment brought troops in from all 50 states and four territories as law enforcement agencies tried to lock down the Capitol for the inauguration of puppet President Joe Biden.

Thousands of Guard members poured into the nation’s capital and were stationed across the city to block traffic and protect lawmakers and landmarks. [Those are the landmarks Democrats want taken down]

Officials said the nearly $500 million includes the costs of transporting Guard troops from their states to Washington, their salaries and benefits, as well as housing, medical, and other essentials. The officials were not authorized to publicly discuss internal figures and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Chief Pentagon spokesman John Kirby recently announced that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had committed to directing all units to “stand down” in the next 60 days, while they are vetted for Magas, Kags, NRA, and so on.

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Action Bronson vs. Bluegrass Mashup
Action Bronson vs. Bluegrass Mashup
3 years ago

Great meme warriors out today saw one that said illegal (racist!) future lifetime democrat voters get EBT cards and deluxe lodgings while the “poor dumb animals” (Henry Kissinger) troops get to sleep on the concrete floors of parking garages.
You might be appalled by America last but the CPUSA comrades are proud of it.