Ft. Hood was workplace violence, the Capitol melee requires troops to be re-educated


Democrats and their media show Stalinist levels of dishonesty in treating the riot at the Capitol as an insurrection compared with how they react to violence their followers’ cause. We aren’t even talking about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots. This story is about a jihadist.


People must remember the Fort Hood massacre committed by a jihadist. He was serving as an officer at Fort Hood at the time. There were warning signs but they were ignored.

The terrorist, Nadal Hasan, had links to terrorists abroad and was yelling “Allah Akbar” as he murdered and wounded service personnel. The “incident” was declared a case of “workplace violence.”

The Obama administration replicated the same minimalist portrayal as they did with the Benghazi attack. And it worked.

President Obama treated the Ft. Hood massacre as if it were almost meaningless. After he had just learned about the tragedy, he gave a shout-out to score some political points with Native-Americans. Then he got around to announcing the massacre.

It was obviously a terrorist attack. But it was labeled workplace violence after it was laundered by the PC crowd who follow a policy of appeasement. As a result, the victims are not eligible for full benefits or any medals they earned.


Compare that to the riot at the Capitol and how Democrats are treating it. The entire military establishment is forced to “stand down.” They will be vetted and re-educated as if they are terrorists.

Why? Because of a group of under 200 rioters at the Capitol on January 6. The new secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin, appears to be engaged in a witch hunt against the Right. His source for determining who is radical is the far-left Republican haters and conspiracy theorists, The Southern Poverty Law Center.

According to one report, reasons for removal from the National Guard at the Capitol can be based on social media posts that contained references to former president Trump’s slogan MAGA (Make America Great Again), KAG (Keep America Great), displaying American revolutionary paraphernalia such as the Gadsen Flag, and membership or association with Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Freedom, pro-Trump Republican organizations for college and high school students). Also, reasons for removal include NRA membership.

Democrats claim all whites are white supremacists and privileged.

DHS put out a frightening alert that seems to pin terrorism on a vast swath of Conservatives. They plan to turn the agency inward at so-called racists and domestic terrorists but are only concerned with the Right.


In one case of a jihadist tied to big shot terrorists, it was workplace violence. The case of rogue people at the Capitol is like 9/11, according to a Democrat CIA officer. Do you think we’re joking, watch the video on this link.

Secretary of defense Austin is firing Trump supporters right and left. Biden is too. Trump wasn’t allowed to even fire dirty cops.

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3 years ago

If you required faith to the Constitution and a belief in God, then there would be no Liberals in the Military.