Handyman Arrested in Duffel Bag Murder of Orsolya Gaal


David Bonola, 44, of Queens, was arrested Thursday and charged with murder, criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon in the grisly death of Orsolya Gaal.Bonola is a handyman who lived near her home. He was in the bar with her the night she died. It was his usual hangout but he was always alone in the past.

David Bonola on the right

A trail of blood stretching nine blocks led police back to her home on Juno Street, police said.

Gaal, a stay-at-home mom, lived in the home with her husband and two sons, ages 17 and 13, police said, CBS New York reports.

Orsolya Gaal, Facebook photo.

Surveillance footage shows a person dragging a duffel bag along the street hours before the body was found, NBC New York reports.

Gaal’s husband and one of her sons were away for the weekend, WPIX reports.
Gaal’s youngest son was home but not considered a suspect.

She was murdered in the basement of her home, and stabbed 58 times, multiple times in the neck in the basement of her home. There were defensive wounds on her arm.

Police had released a chilling video of a man rushing down the street with a duffel bag. The killer murdered her in the basement of her home and dismembered her. He then stuffed her into a duffel bag and left her in the street.

We had the wrong photo for David Bonola and apologize.

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