Here’s Joe telling people not to panic — on February 28th


Oh, look, here’s Joe telling people not to panic in February, on the 28th.

President Trump is currently being lambasted for trying to avert panic in early February by encouraging Americans as the virus unfolded.

President Trump said he downplayed it, but never did he say it wasn’t serious. The latest manufactured crisis comes from “journalist” Bob Woodward. He released audiotapes of conversations he and the president had for his new book. The President says on tape that he downplayed the virus to avoid panic and give Americans hope. He didn’t lie and also did plenty to show he was taking it seriously.

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G Michael
G Michael
1 year ago

Fortunately for Joe, he doesn’t remember any of it.

1 year ago

Biden is an absolute dishonest person.

John Vieira
1 year ago

Do not forget the entire corrupt MSM…do not panic….snicker, snicker – PANIC…lol