Heritage President Full Metal Jackets Global Elites at WEF


Heritage President Kevin Roberts full metal jacketed the elites at Davos. He went to Davos to tell the elites that it’s laughable for them to say they are protecting democracy and equally laughable to claim Donald Trump is a dictator.

In three minutes and thirty-two seconds, he took them all on.

Roberts said he believes Donald Trump will go after the global elites. He told them they were part of the problem, and then he quickly and effectively reviewed immigration, the lack of public safety, climate change and the solutions that are worse than the so-called problem, China and The World Health Organization.

Roberts said Donald Trump will take all of this on.

The WEF elites focused on rebuilding trust during the week-long forum, and they plan to do it through censorship and surveillance. You can’t make this stuff up.

Javier Milei, the President of Argentina, also hit them hard on FREEDOM.


Queen Maxima of the Netherlands said at the World Economic Forum that biometric digital ID will be good because they can check who has been vaccinated.

“It is very necessary for financial services, school enrollment, is also good for health, who actually got a vaccination or not, it’s very good to actually get your subsidies, you know from the government?”

If you say this is their goal, they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist.

The global elites think they have the right to completely restructure the world order. They think they have the right to decide the future of eight million people.

They’re planning for global totalitarianism through censorship.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago

You WILL be assimilated….and the ONE narrative WILL prevail…