Hillary Blames MAGA Republicans for Hot Weather in July


The Fake News meter broke trying to record Hillary’s honesty on this next one. She quoted dishonest newspapers lying about the weather and blamed it on Make America Great Again Republicans. It’s hot in July – that’s her case.

Hillary Clinton has done a lot of damage to this country, and she’s not done yet.

Hillary Clinton

Let’s not forget Hillary is the one who promoted Joe Biden to the presidency.

We can’t know if it was the hottest day in 100,000 years since we’ve only kept records since the 1900s. No one is fighting the idea of global warming. However, it’s exploited, and giving money to leftists won’t ease the problem.

They want you to accept expensive, unreliable, and unsound energy that won’t cover our needs and to do what they say unnecessarily. It’s about power for them.

Dogmatic eco-terrorist Democrats are destroying the foundation of our energy sector with extreme measures. They are not environmentalists. They are green grifters and authoritarians.

There is NO climate crisis. Brilliant physicist and Nobel Prize winner John Clauser recently said there is no climate crisis, and now the Left is canceling him.

We will need fossil fuel energy for quite some time, but Bideneestas don’t care. They want to substitute green energy, which can’t possibly take its place.

Without energy, we won’t have wealth. Fossil fuels lifted the world out of poverty. When a nation acquires wealth, it can branch out and look for better ways to source it, but wealth must come first.

In 2016, Professor Matthews wrote the following. “The transition to a carbon-based economy-liberated economy from age-old Malthusian* constraints. For a group of select countries representing a small slice of the global population, burning fossil fuels enabled an era of explosive growth, ushering in dramatic improvements in productivity, income, wealth, and living standards.”


As you can see energy and wealth correlate.

*Malthusianism is the theory that population growth is potentially exponential, according to the Malthusian growth model. In contrast, the growth of the food supply or other resources is linear, eventually reducing living standards to trigger a population decline.

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