Hillary’s Coming Back! The Tour Is Possibly to Test the Waters


It is true! All the rumors and whispers you’ve heard are true. Hillary Clinton might run for the presidency again.

You must have noticed that Hillary has never stopped talking like a candidate and Bill and Hillary are going on tour. Also, the whispers around town are that she’s testing the waters for a 2020 run against Donald Trump.

The third time is a charm?

A top Hillary aide to Hillary Clinton says the former secretary of state has not ruled it out.

Philippe Reines, who served as a senior adviser to Clinton at the State Department, tells Politico in an interview that he thinks it is “unlikely” that Clinton would mount a 2020 bid, but cautioned that it was not an impossibility.

He was her senior advisor.

She did place second in the Harvard presidential poll for 2020 but they are all loons now.


As we reported, on MSNBC’s Hardball this past Monday, Democratic strategist Steve McMahon said that “some people close to the Clintons and close to Hillary Clinton who look at the field and think if Joe Biden doesn’t run, it’s an awfully weak field and someone like Hillary Clinton could get back in.”

He added that some of these confidants are “whispering in her ear” that she might be able to win the nomination if Biden decides not to run.

CNN’s most recent national poll of potential 2020 Democratic contenders gave Biden a 20-point lead over communist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the next leading contender. Biden got 33 percent in the poll while Sanders received 13 percent. The others are way behind so far, including the female Obama Kamala Harris with 9 percent.

They don’t have great candidates so they might go with the old standby failure.

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