Hollywood’s Meathead compares Dems losing an election to slavery


Rob Reiner – famously known as ‘meathead’ in the Archie Bunker TV series — compared Democrats losing an election to slavery. It’s ironic, especially given the fact that you had to be a Democrat to be in the KKK and you can thank Democrats for Jim Crow laws.

Meathead tweeted, “The original sin of America is slavery. The original sin of Trump’s Presidency is a stolen election. For the sake of equal justice, human dignity, and the preservation of Democracy we can not let him steal another. To overcome we must overwhelm. VOTE!”

There is no “original sin” in the secular world. That’s utter nonsense. America began on July 4, 1776, with a Declaration of Independence, declaring that all men are created equal.

The truth is that if we vote the Democrat Party into office, we will all be enslaved. Their agenda is very far-left and includes an enormous loss of freedoms.

Even during the Republican National Convention, the Democrat media cut off President Trump’s speech to call him a liar. It was the worst form of censorship. It’s actually “worse than Russia TV,” as one pundit said.

Speaker Pelosi completely lost her mind. She accused the President and Republicans of being “domestic enemies” and “enemies of the people” as lunatics destroy blue cities on behalf of the Democrat Part.


Democratic Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, a black man, spoke on Monday night about the Democrat Party. This was during the first night of the Republican National Convention.

Jordan said that the Democrat Party has become “infected” with “intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias, and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy property, and terrorize our communities.”

“The Democratic Party does not want Black people to leave the mental Plantation they’ve had us on for decades,” Jones said. “But I have news for them: We are free people with free minds.”

“I am part of a large and growing segment of the Black community who are independent thinkers. And we believe that Donald Trump is the President that America needs to lead us forward.”

Rep. Jones’s message focused more on why he was voting for Trump vs. criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Jones said that when he publicly came out in support of Trump he was “threatened, called an embarrassment, and asked to resign by my party.”

President Trump Changed Everything

“They have been important springboards for black success ever since. But Democrats haven’t treated them like that,” Jones continued. “When President Trump took office, he changed everything. He delivered historic funding to HBCUs. And he guaranteed it for 10 years. That gave our HBCUs stability–the chance to grow and produce the next generation of black leaders.”

“He also supported school choice initiatives to ensure that every child — no matter their race or zip code — has access to a great education. But education is just the beginning,” Jones continued. The President also built the most inclusive economy ever, with record low unemployment for African Americans and record-high participation in the workforce.”

“He put Opportunity Zones in the Trump tax bill that will drive investment into our communities for decades to come. He put the interests of American workers — and especially black workers — First.”

Rep. Jones is trending as “Uncle Tom” today, proving his point that Democrats are the party of the intolerant.


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