Huge Victory for Donald Trump in Colorado


Minnesota tried it, Michigan tried and so did New Hampshire. That brings us to Denver, Colorado, where Democrats petitioned the Denver District Court to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot. The judge who presided over the case, Sara Wallace, is an anti-Trump judge. But even she couldn’t ignore the truth. The case was ridiculous, and there was no reason to remove Donald Trump from the ballot..

The Denver judge ruled on Friday that Donald Trump can still run for president in 2024 even if he had participated in an “insurrection” since section three of the 14th Amendment does not apply to the president. So, he does not qualify for removal.

As an aside, there was no insurrection.

Donald J. Trump in Colorado

“To be clear, part of the Court’s decision is its reluctance to embrace an interpretation which would disqualify a presidential candidate without a clear, unmistakable indication that such is the intent,” she wrote in a Nov. 17 order.

The petitioners sought to use Section 3 to keep Secretary of State Jena Griswold from certifying Trump’s eligibility. She requested that Wallace rule on the question of eligibility.

They hoped to prevent Secretary of State Jena Griswold from certifying Trump’s name on the presidential primary ballot on January 5, 2024. Griswold didn’t take a position. Instead, she asked Judge Wallace for a ruling.

“The Court determined that Donald Trump is eligible to be placed on the Colorado ballot in the March Presidential Primary. This decision may be appealed. As Secretary of State, I will always ensure that every voter can make their voice heard in free and fair elections,” Griswold said in a statement.

This should be dead. The entire question should be dead. There are no grounds to remove Donald Trump’s name.

So-called experts serving as witnesses said Members of Congress were not seated when the law was passed in 1968, immediately after the war. Their crimes were as minor as sending an anti-Union letter to the editor or donating $100 to a family member before departing to fight for the Confederacy.

The Michigan, New Hampshire, and Minnesota judges determined that it is not their responsibility to determine Trump’s present eligibility.

“We shouldn’t even be here,” said Trump’s attorney, Republican former Secretary of State Scott Gessler. “There are millions of people in Colorado and across this country who are inspired by President Trump. … Who are the petitioners to prevent those people from not being able to vote” for him?

Pardon the expression, but it was a trumped-up case with no basis in Donald Trump’s case. These radical leftist petitioners wanted to prevent voters from having their chosen candidate on the ballot. What a concept in America.

Wallace had gone further than any other judge who had made a ruling in determining Trump’s 2024 eligibility. Her decision was based on her uncertainty that Trump was “an officer of the United States,” as the authors of the 14th Amendment intended. Wallace concluded she was unable to disqualify Trump.

The case was based on disqualifying Trump because he encouraged the J6 violence by claiming the election was stolen. It’s absurd. He can believe it was stolen and say it as often as he wants.

Donald Trump had the same rights as anyone else to speak out. Go to 2:00 on the mark:

The Democratic Party’s false claims about the 2016 election being “stolen” by an alleged traitor who colluded with Russia, a bizarre lie perpetuated by Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton, continues to be used to this day.

Donald Trump asked for 10,000 more National Guard troops to avoid a riot. The rioters came unarmed except for an occasional flag pole and pepper spray, and one had a knife.

Once the votes were “certified,” Trump announced on January 7 that he would be stepping down on January 20, which he did. He never attempted to illegally “stay in power.”

Speaker Johnson released the January 6 tapes, and one thing is perfectly clear: almost all came in peace, strolling through the corridors, waved on by police, and staying within the ropes.

Then-Speaker Pelosi was responsible for Capitol security but did nothing other than make a film with her filmmaker daughter, who happened to be in the Capitol that day. Mitch McConnell, second in command, did nothing.

The entire film looked staged. Pelosi’s daughter admitted it wasn’t an insurrection at about 7 minutes on this tape unearthed by The Gateway Pundit..


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