In Chicago, Rioting Kids Are “Silly” and Enjoying “Great Weather”


Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson is doubling down on madness. After hundreds of “children” robbed and vandalized other peoples’ property, shot and beat people, and sent innocent people to the hospital, Mr. Johnson claimed they are “silly” and Chicagoans have to support them, and invest in them.

“Look, demonizing young people is wrong,” Mr. Johnson said. “We have to keep them safe as well. Have you ever taught middle school? I have. Have you ever raised young? Do you understand the risk that young people take just because they’re young? Do you know that home plate is at the bottom of my stairs? I found that out when my son was sliding down those stairs trying to score.

“They’re young. Sometimes they make silly decisions; they do. And so we have to make sure that we are investing to make sure that young people know that they are supported.”

Silly Chicago

In Springfield yesterday, on crime, Johnson said, “Public safety is a prerequisite to the prosperity of Chicago and the voters have sent a clear message that they want to get smart, not just tough on crime.”

We’re waiting.

On Air With Lori Lightfoot, Along the Lines of Silly

Outgoing mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked about the Saturday night chaos downtown that led to two people shot, 15 arrested, traffic disrupted, and the CTA suspending service into the loop.

Lightfoot says there is lots of opportunity to redirect young people to safe spaces but scoffed at one reporter describing what happened as quote mayhem.

“And here’s the thing,” Lightfoot says. “The vast majority of the young people that came downtown, came downtown because it was a great weather and an opportunity to enjoy the city. That’s absolutely entirely appropriate there are a few that came with different intentions, and they have, they have. And they will be dealt with, but I’m not gonna use your language, which I think is wrong to say that as mayhem.”

Most were just enjoying the weather? Earlier in the week, Mr. Johnson said these kids just want to eat, and they’re desperate.

This is not mayhem

[It looks like a riot of young criminals to me, but just call me silly.]

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