Incredible charges of voter fraud from Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell



Update: Dominion denies all of it. Find out more here.

President Trump still has a path to victory and it can only be determined by counting every single legal vote. We are not Venezuela yet.

MSM and the Democrats have already held celebrations for the so-called President-Elect sleepy Joe, but he’s not yet. They know that. It’s only propaganda and bullying on their part. Ignore them. When the Supreme Court decides it’s over, it will be over, not before.


Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, and Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn’s lawyer, joined Maria Bartiromo in separate interviews on Sunday Morning Futures today.

Rudy explained that he will drop a lawsuit in Pennsylvania tomorrow. He believes he will have five lawsuits by the end of the week. Giuliani also said ten states might be in contention.

Mr. Giuliani said he has about fifty witnesses in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In Pittsburgh, he has about 300,000 ballots counted without Republican observers — illegally. The ballots were brought in bundles and it looked like they were trying to make up votes for Biden as he fell short in the count. [That’s an assumption] In one case, the Republican observers were allowed to move 6 feet closer but the counters moved further away.

He said about 800,000 votes are being questioned.

Ms. Powell listed a number of potential fraudulent issues. For example, they identified 150,000 ballots in the key states that only have a mark for Joe Biden. She said some people voting are dead.

About the ballots with only Joe’s name, that seems systemic.

Ms. Powell talked about the Dominion software problem in Michigan. Ms. Powell called it a glitch, but the Michigan Secretary of State now says it was human error and had nothing to do with the software.

Dominion is owned by a friend and colleague of George Soros’s. Nancy Pelosi’s longtime chief of Staff is a chief executive at Dominion.  Richard Blum, Senator Feinstein’s husband, is a significant shareholder.

It makes one wonder. Why did they invest in it? Ms. Powell thinks they did it to steal elections.

Perhaps it was just to make money.

Ms. Powell added that the workers used an algorithm to flip votes to Biden and to others as well. Whether she has evidence of this or is making assumptions, we can’t say.


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