Iran joins China in demanding Joe join awful 2015 nuke deal


With hopes of Biden taking the White House, Iran launched a third military drill in less than two weeks. He is going to pressure Xi Joe just as China has done. They know how weak and naive these Democrats are.

Iran is back to extorting on the high seas. Last week, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) seized a South Korean oil tanker and detained 20 crew members to pressure Seoul to release financial assets frozen by U.S. sanctions.

The AP reported: Iran’s navy began a short-range missile drill in the Gulf of Oman on Wednesday and inaugurated its largest military vessel, state TV reported, amid heightened tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program and a U.S. pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic.

They’re back to enriching uranium and threatening the US. They want us back in that horrendous nuke deal.


Communist China, with which the Biden team reportedly opened backchannel talks in November, has also demanded the incoming Democratic administration rejoin the 2015 deal.

According to recently declassified U.S. intelligence, the Iranian regime hosts Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda on its soil.

“Al-Qaeda has a new home base: it is the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed on Tuesday.

It won’t take Dems long to rejoin the terrible pact with the devil.



  1. They should chant Biden, Biden, yes we can!
    Fraudulent elections have consequences. (thoughtcrime)
    Questioning (s)elections and the state is kulak deplorable untermenschen talk.
    None shall dare defy or question the best government that money can buy.
    Our external enemies are licking their chops and clapping their hands with glee.
    I hope I’m not unpersoned gasp! for that wrongthink.
    Not being able to go on Twit or Fakebook would make me cry in the safespace or change pajamas.

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