It Will Take 14.5 Years Just to Remove Illegal Immigrants Coming Under Biden



Yesterday, my team at America First Legal filed an important brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in a case involving the Department of Homeland Security’s termination of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), or as most Americans know it: the “Remain in Mexico” policy implemented by President Trump.

MPP required illegal aliens apprehended along the southwest border to remain in Mexico during their immigration court proceedings (for asylum or otherwise) instead of allowing them to be released into the interior of the United States to disappear and remain in the United States illegally forever.

This was an incredibly successful policy because it reduced both illegal immigration and the volume of meritless asylum claims. Further, it enhanced DHS’s ability to actually enforce the immigration laws against those who violate them.

However, President Biden and his radical administration have terminated MPP as they myopically pursue their goal of transforming the United States with mass illegal immigration at all costs.

In our Supreme Court brief, we argue that: in terminating MPP; the Biden Administration–intent on opening our borders in any way possible–failed to consider relevant factors, including the substantial benefits that flowed from MPP as DHS previously recognized.

Importantly, our brief combines data taken from many of the government’s publicly-available information sources to illustrate the shocking magnitude of DHS’s lawless effort to end MPP.

Here are a few reprehensible data points we shared: 

▶ Since President Biden took office, DHS has released more than 756,109 illegal aliens, or more than three quarters of a million people, into the United States…

▶ U.S. Customs and Border Protection released 544,241 aliens who were in its custody at the United States-Mexico border into the country… 

▶ ICE is currently removing aliens from the United States at an abysmal and minimal rate of approximately 4,300 per month…

▶ If that rate holds, it would take ICE 14.5 years to deport just the illegal aliens DHS has already released into the United States under the Biden Administration…

In our brief, we assert that Biden’s DHS failed to recognize and address the significant benefits MPP provided and the serious harm its termination would cause. DHS has an obligation to actually enforce our immigration laws–not just put illegal aliens into a theatrical process that never ends in their deportation from the United States.

We’ll continue to fight the lawless Biden Administration in court and continue to thwart their plans to transform and deconstruct the rule of law in America.

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1 year ago

If we wanted, we could get rid of ALL Illegal Aliens in under 90 days. Just declare all Illegal Aliens as Spies and give them all 60 days to leave, then try them when caught by Military Tribunal. Upon their conviction, execute them by firing Squad within 72 hours. After the first execution there will a stampede to the border.

America lets in more Legal Immigrants than any other Nation. We have more Embassies around the world where you can apply for a Visa, so logically only a Spy would come into America Illegally!

If we were serious about Illegal Immigration we wouldn’t have this problem, but America is full of Traitors because three Generations of Children have been brainwashed by the Communist Academics who control the School System. In addition to cracking down on the Illegal Aliens, we need to crack down on the Communist in America – with Malice! Communism is the most dangerous form of Government in world and has killed hundreds of millions in the last 125 years mostly due to famine and starvation. The Record for Democracies throughout History isn’t much better.

The People are not buying into the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Loser Ideology. The People are fleeing Big Blue Cities. Anyone caught stealing an Election deserves far worse than just being Tarred and Feathered. Loss of Citizenship should be the first punishment along with all the benefits of US Citizenship. The People need to start dealling seriously with Tyrannical Democrats and RINOs who live to make average people’s life a mess. Most people want Government to leave them alone and just maintain basic Law & Order; nothing more!

joe tentpeg
joe tentpeg
1 year ago

Naww…take a few months if re’c u c ks’ take back CONgress and presidency.

‘Citizens First Act’:

  1. No tax-payer benefits for illegals… ie. no EBT, govt. school, child-tax credits, obozo phone, ER benefits.
  2. No ‘Anchor baby’ citizenship.

Illegals will ‘self-deport’ in short order…and won’t cost anything…ie. border wall/Border Patrol.