J6 Drama Series – The Insurrection – Starring Liz Cheney – This Thursday


The J6 witch hunt panel will present their J6 drama this week, thinking they will make people care about the riot at the Capitol while they can’t put gas in their tanks. They are going to attempt to make Donald Trump into a criminal without any smoking gun evidence.

All Democrats have to save them from a wipeout in November is abortion, guns, and J6, unless they exploit widespread mail-in balloting again. With that in mind, Democrats are televising the J6 panel’s findings beginning on Thursday. They even hired a former ABC executive to produce the drama to get maximum effect. It will be a theatrical performance to stir up the masses, only the masses don’t care.

James Goldston is a former President of ABC who ran “Good Morning America,” “20/20,” and “Nightline.” According to Axios, he joined the Jan. 6 committee as an “unannounced adviser.”

It will be a typical Democrat circus with lots of clowns.

A former Senior Technical Adviser to the House Democrats’ partisan Jan. 6 committee has some bad news for CNN audience members expecting its hearings will lead to Donald Trump’s arrest.


The former top adviser admitted there is no ‘smoking gun’ that Donald Trump planned the Capitol Riot. Riggleman even said there was no direct evidence showing the riot was a premeditated attack.

“I think there’s, there’s certainly evidence of communications that led to certain types of activities that could lead to what I call ‘coup-like movements’,” Riggleman said.

How could unarmed rioters topple the US government and force a Donald Trump presidency? Someone needs to explain that to me. The process they attempted was within the law.

Democrats have tried to make people care about J6 but they don’t. The purpose of getting Americans to care is to destroy Republicans once and for all and it won’t work. Most Americans don’t blame Donald Trump  for the riot, know that it was a riot and not an insurrection, and the reaction to these rioters compared to antifa and BLM is unfair.


Americans care about increasing gas prices, inflation, grocery bills, declining wealth, and a blank President who is too incompetent or dumb to care and change course.

People lived far better under former President Trump and they had baby formula. They just can’t get worked up against Trump when they compare with what we have now.

With summer coming and inflation, they are facing headwinds.

People are more interested in gas prices than a TV spectacle with some unappealing players spouting acrimonious invective and not addressing the current dangerous issues.

Not to excuse the violence at the Capitol, that was awful and did a lot of damage, but the DOJ is also overcharging many, bankrupting and humiliating non-violent paraders for political reasons. The judges and prosecutors are depriving about 80 prisoners of bail. There are no-bail laws for violent criminals in some of our major cities but not for rioters who don’t vote for Democrats.

One of the people now facing years in prison wrote the following.
Form your own conclusions:

“I listen to your podcast and I follow @julie_kellyz. It’s every bit as bad as she describes. I am a husband and father who has zero criminal history…. And I am looking at years in prison AFTER I took a plea.

“You may ask why would people take a plea if they are innocent? Innocent has nothing to do with this as my lawyer has told over and over again. This is payback. There are only a handful of representatives in DC that care about us. The vast majority couldn’t care less.

“They secretly despise Trump and anyone on the 6th as well. The DOJ knows this. There will be no reform of this government. There will be no going back. All there is now is the path ahead. But that path will never lead back to the country we once were.

“I watched for 4 years as our government that I pay taxes for, try to impeach and even oust our president with sheer impunity. Hillary’s smearing stunt morphed into a coup that lasted Trumps entire term. Then I watched the election get stolen from the American people.

“So I went to DC to support the way I thought best. I wasn’t violent, I didn’t break anything, I didn’t steal anything and that doesn’t matter. I lost my 6 figure income, friends, and my family is a wreck. I had the FBI in my home, I was brought before a judge in shackles.

“And I am a lucky one. I got to remain free till sentencing. So this is the country that I now live in. Where the powerful few can attack an elected president attempting to removing him for 4 years and where elections no longer matter.

“We are no longer free. And this country WAS taken without firing a single shot. Guns are meaningless at this point. It was the First Amendment that people should have been fighting for the most.

“I am now barely making a living doing manual labor for just over minimum wage until my sentencing is over. I was threatened with 20 years in prison, something only murderers face. We couldn’t change the venue and none of the motions to dismiss were accepted.

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