J6 Kangaroo Court Almost Completely Forgot About the Bomber


On January 6, 2021, Congress was shut down over pipe bombs left near Republican and Democrat headquarters. The Jan 6 Report mostly ignored it. Don’t you find that odd?

The Jan 6 committee reported the pipe bomber left pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC.  These bombs were discovered around 1:00 pm, according to the final Jan 6 report.  This was mentioned in the Appendix to the report.

Julie Kelly noted that the pipe bomb was barely mentioned in the report.  No one interviewed the agent-in-charge, despite an alleged bomber getting so close to the halls of power.

The FBI claimed they wanted the public’s help to find the bomber. I don’t believe anything they say. There is something very fishy here, just as it’s fishy they couldn’t find fault with Ray Epps.

Kelly mentioned that the committee promised the 1,000+ transcripts would be made public with the report. This didn’t happen. The committee is releasing only a few cherry-picked transcripts, hoping to bury the rest during the holidays.

Here is the section on the National Guard – also an indictment of Pelosi and Schumer, not Trump:

There is more on her Twitter site.

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