AFL: J6 & Mar-a-Lago Raid Were Used to Expand Surveillance of Americans


America First Legal was successful in disbanding the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group,” an undemocratic abomination. AFL obtained shocking documents exposing their horrendous, corrupt Deep State manipulations.

They have released two tranches of documents, and today is the third.

Stephen Miller calls it the Deep State Diaries.

The Biden administration’s allies on the Brennan-Clapper committee discussed using January 6 and the manufactured raid at Mar-a-Lago to justify further targeting and surveillance of political dissent.

One group member noted that “prior to January 6th” (i.e., under the Trump administration), analysts thought that “it was inappropriate to collect” intelligence on Americans. Following January 6, however, they observed that there had been a change in collection and reporting methods.

The documents indicate that under the Biden Administration, the federal government has used January 6 to justify expanding efforts to collect intelligence on what they deem “DVE” or “Domestic Violent Extremists.” As the second installment of the #DeepStateDiaries showed, DVE is the group’s term for people who are “religious,” “in the military,” or support President Trump.

The Brennan-Clapper-led group discussed “collection based on sites where they expect to see indicators,” suggesting that the federal government sought to monitor sites they viewed as “domestic extremism threats.”

One group member asked, “When you are looking at speech online, how do you know if it is serious? Political? Hyperbole?” The Biden Administration’s historical approach, as evidenced by these documents and the Department of Justice’s sentencing of Douglass Mackey to 7 months in prison for posting memes ahead of the 2016 election, is that speech online should be considered “serious” only when it comes from conservatives.

This is what Mr. Mackey got in trouble for – he angered Hillary with joke memes:

Some of the emails suggested they planned to intensify the censoring of social media.

The group also discussed using the illegal raid on President Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago – where the FBI staged photographs to manufacture incriminating evidence – to justify its expanded activities. With respect to Mar-a-Lago, one Group member said there was “reason to be concerned about a violent reaction” after the raid.

You can read the documents and further explanations on this link.

These people in government are corrupt, traitorous, and belong in prison. This is one reason why they don’t want Donald Trump to win.

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