J6 Prisoner Makes Another Documentary from Prison


Jake Lang and about 100 Trump supporters were arrested two years ago in the January 6, 2021, Stop The Steal Rally in Washington, D.C. He has spent much of his time in solitary confinement rather than take a plea deal for 115 months in prison. He has been kept from his family, but believes he is a political prisoner who would die for the cause.

If you agree or not, you should recognize his courage and his announced motives.

People don’t realize how serious the state of affairs is in the USA because of the lies and corruption from the media and our politicians.

The truth is there for people to find, but because of the media, Americans don’t look further than the NY Times or CNN.

The Risk

Mr. Lang will likely suffer more in prison for putting out yet another film.

Edward “Jake” Lang, 27, was charged with allegedly using a deadly weapon. He posted on social media, and the press used the posts against him.

Edward Lang

“I watched a woman die yesterday in front of my eyes [Roseanne Boyland]. I saved 2 others from being trampled and suffocated by the Capitol Police…I was shot with a lethal round in the foot its (sic) shattered multiple places, stitches in my skull, deep cuts over my entire body — for freedom and liberty and to defend the American Constitution. Thank you God for the opportunity to help save your children from tyranny.”

In another post, Lang wrote “I was the leader of Liberty today. Arrest me. You are on the wrong side of history.”

“Pepper spray really does wonders for your complexion #1776,” he allegedly posted the day after the mayhem.

Lang is the son of a former council member in Tusten, N.Y.

The Crime

He allegedly swung a bat at a police officer. Actually, he swung it at the ground near the officer.

“In the video recording, you can see an individual raising a riot shield over his head as the crowd cheers and then violently slam the shield down on the ground repeatedly near where the officers are visibly lined up,” an FBI agent wrote, identifying Lang as the individual.

Freedom Isn’t Free: The First Battle of The Second American Revolution


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