J6 protester who did nothing wrong was imprisoned until he died


January 6 protester John Steven Anderson, age 61, died last week while awaiting trial on manufactured charges by the Biden DOJ. [watch the clip below]

His lawyer explains what happened to the former Marine, a church-going man who ran small businesses all his life.

Mr. Anderson went to the rally because it was a historic event. As he was following the crowd filming,  He was pushed slightly into a tunnel leading to the Capitol. The police started shooting pepper spray into the crowd. Mr. Anderson, a sickly man, was affected by the spray. The police took him into the Capitol until he felt better.

The next time he saw the police, they came to his home, threw him down on the ground, and dragged him off to prison.

He was accused of stealing police shields when all he did was touch one shield. The police were actually helping him as he requested. The charges accused him of illegally entering the Capitol, but he was only in there when the police took him until he recovered from the spray.

The film footage exonerates him but the attorney only got the film after he died.

The FBI agents were trying to bully him into pleading to a felony for doing nothing wrong.

Mr. Anderson did nothing wrong and died awaiting trial thanks to the Biden-Merrick DoJ. This is an evil administration.

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