J6 Soviet Committee Subpoenas Donald Trump, Bannon Responds to Sentence


The Jan. 6 apparatchiks issued a subpoena demanding Donald Trump appear before the committee to testify. The idea is obviously to catch him something they can call a lie. It’s a disgrace that these people have this kind of power and don’t have to follow our laws or precedents. The committee claims he “personally orchestrated” a multi-part effort to overturn the results.

So far as I can see, he orchestrated a rally and gave stump speech. All of his rallies had been peaceful. I never heard him ask for a riot

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The panel sent a letter to Trump’s lawyers demanding his testimony under oath by November 14th.

They called for him to provide documents, including his communications with members of Congress and alleged extremist groups.

Bennie Thompson and Like Cheney said they recognized it is “a significant and historic action.”

Donald Trump’s ally Steve Bannon received a 4 month sentence today for not responding to the witch hunt committee. He did respond.

Per Just the News, the judge also tacked on a $6,500 fine to Bannon’s four-month sentence, while allowing for a potential suspension of prison time if he filed an appeal.

The verdict in the case comes after Bannon was found guilty in July of two counts of contempt for refusing to show up for a deposition in front of the Jan. 6 panel and for further failing to provide documents related to the subpoena, as previously reported by RSBN.

Bannon commented to the press after his sentencing on Friday, stating:

“Today was my judgement day by the judge…[I’ll] have a very vigorous appeals process, I’ve got a great legal team…there’ll be multiple areas of appeal. But, as that sign says right there…on November 8th…there’s gonna have judgement on the illegitimate Biden regime and quite frankly…Nancy Pelosi and the entire committee. And we know which way that’s going.”

Bannon’s legal woes have gone well beyond his conviction of contempt of the partisan Jan. 6 Committee’s subpoena. In September, he was also indicted on multiple counts and arraigned in New York State. Per RSBN, Bannon was charged with several counts including scheme to defraud, money laundering, and conspiracy in relation to his “We Build the Wall” campaign

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