J6 Vice Chair Cheney Subpoenaed Her Primary Opponent’s Campaign Manager


Among the new Trump staff who were subpoenaed by the J6 Pelosi-Cheney committee is Bill Stepien, who is currently managing the campaign of Cheney’s primary opponent.

Liz Cheney is on a mission to destroy Donald Trump and anyone who worked with him or helped him. Along the way, we believe she will include her primary opponent on her hit list to whatever degree she can.

The only way she can win is through corruption and RINO fundraisers.

Stepien is important because he replaced Brad Parscale as Trump’s campaign manager in the months leading up to the election. Stepien was involved in the Trump campaign’s efforts to mount legal challenges to vote totals in several states after the November 2020 election.

Stepien worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign and later served as White House political director. Before working for Trump, he was an aide to then-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during Bridgegate.

The committee’s focus on Stepien includes his participation in the “Stop the Steal” effort, including fundraising and messaging.

Bill Stepien is also the current political advisor/campaign manager of Wyoming congressional candidate Harriet Hageman. President Trump has endorsed Harriet Hageman in the quest to unseat and remove Liz Cheney in the GOP Primary.

Cheney will do anything to clear the field so she can win, even with her abysmal ratings. We’ll see, but we think she’s zeroing in on Hageman.

Hageman only has $300,000 of her campaign but Cheney has $5 million in her war chest and the J6 select committee which she will use to throw dirt on the opposition.


Cheney will attempt to win the election without the electorate and with her RINO fundraisers.

Cheney is marshaling the forces of the pre-Trump GOP establishment — the people we want to get rid of.

On October 18, former President George W. Bush will attend a fundraiser for Cheney in Dallas, co-hosted by former US Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and top Bush campaign aides Karl Rove and Karen Hughes.

Former Republican House Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan also raised money for Cheney earlier this year. And on top of that, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sens. Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney have all donated to Cheney through their respective political action committees.

Cheney is a bad person, full of hate, and seeking revenge. She is the last gasp of the RINO establishment. It’s time to end the misery they’ve caused.

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Fight Or Don't
Fight Or Don't
2 years ago

Along the way she will only destroy herself but being a clueless apparatchik she had no clue about Darth Cheney and the nookular taco bowls of love stuffed with freedom fries being as stale and played out as the hopey changey swag in the dumpster.
Meanwhile the Bush, Obama, Biden, Clinton, Cheney, families partied together by the people’s champagne fountain (none for you Kulak!) and dreamed of the fresh water Patagonian bolt holes as everyone enjoyed a happy and festive Hollywood ending.