Janice Dean addresses the Cuomo cover up of nursing home deaths


Yesterday, the AP reported that 9,000 people with COV were sent into hundreds of nursing homes to recuperate. It was 40% more than what we were told. The policy that led to this was dictatorially put in place by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Later in the day, the news reported that Cuomo’s secretary admitted to Democrats that the administration deliberately covered it up so the Trump DoJ wouldn’t use it politically.


Janice Dean, the Fox meteorologist, lost her mother-in-law and father-in-law to COV. They died alone in separate nursing homes without any visitors. There was room in the hospital ship and the Javitts Center at the time.

Cuomo wouldn’t allow the elderly into the hospitals even though they are the most vulnerable population. He ordered nursing homes to take the COV patients in and the patients seeded the homes with COV.

Cuomo keeps lying about who is responsible for the deaths when it’s clear he is. Now, he is blaming Donald Trump. He covered it up so Donald Trump’s DoJ wouldn’t [catch him] use it as a political football? That’s an excuse?

Cuomo should be charged with reckless manslaughter.

The MSM is only whispering the news of the cover-up.


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