Janice Dean slams Cuomo after he lets fans and himself watch Buffalo Bills in the stadium


Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to allow the Buffalo Bills to admit 6,700 fans into their first home playoff game. This is after he said he wanted to go to a Buffalo Bills game when they made the playoffs. Unsurprisingly, he will be at the game.

Andrew Cuomo said a little over a week ago that he wanted to attend a Bills’ game. That was after he banned the public from stadiums for the entire season.

“I want to attend a Bills game,” Cuomo said on a conference call. “I’ve attended them in the past — it was a great game (Saturday) by the way — that was just unbelievable. I mean, really incredible. You almost sense the energy and the optimism and the confidence; the way they played (Saturday) and Josh Allen was just unbelievable.”

I guess you don’t get COVID during playoff games, just like the riots and lootings.


Janice Dean, the Senior Meteorologist at Fox News Channel, whose beloved mother-in-law and father-in-law died alone in nursing homes because of Andrew Cuomo’s policies, isn’t letting Cuomo off the hook.

She linked to his statement about letting the fans in and tweeted: You continue to show your true colors @NYGovCuomo. No indoor dining, schools struggling to stay open, families who couldn’t see their loved ones before they died without wakes or funerals but you’ll allow 6,000 fans to watch football together. You are disgusting.

He is always disgusting, that’s true.

She added: Dear @BuffaloBills, since you’re going to allow over 6,700 fans into the stadium per @NYGovCuomo and thousands of us never got to see our loved ones before they died, might I suggest every person wear a jersey with the name of a senior who died in a New York State nursing home?

As Janice Dean says: Every single day @NYGovCuomo manages to up his terribleness.

Cuomo sent COV patients to nursing homes while he had a near-empty hospital ship and the Javitts Center available. Then he lied about it and said he didn’t after wiping the proof from the Interent. And he wrote a book about what a great job he did. He’s arrogant and dishonest.

He made certain we’d never get the true numbers of dead older COV people in the nursing homes.

He’s awful at his job as is the Mayor of New York City.

Welcome to New York City where it’s unsafe to drive down the streets!

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