Jerry Nadler Looking to Impeach? He Says Trump’s the “Greatest Threat”


Democrats plan to politicize the Mueller report regardless of what it says. They will try to pass a bill demanding the release of the full report so they can pick it apart. Another interesting point made by leftist Jerry Nadler on Sunday is that they will look for “noncriminal” actions that violate norms or are a threat to the democratic system.

Since Democrats are Socialists now, anything on the right is a threat to their system.

Socialist-tied Democrat Jerry Nadler said Trump is the “greatest threat” to democracy since the Civil War.

“I view this president and his conduct as the greatest threat to the democratic system and to the constitutional government since the Civil War, whether it’s threatening the newspapers or threatening the judiciary or calling people who criticize him treasonous,” Nadler said during an interview with AM 970 in New York, according to The Hill.

He noted that the hearings would be focused on any actions conducted in a “noncriminal manner,” whether norms were violated and whether there have been threats to the democratic system.

He is saying that because they probably plan to impeach him. Al Green said they don’t need a crime to impeach, just actions that they view as a threat [like tweets or calling sh**hole countries sh**holes]. More on that here and here. That’s where they are going with this.

“Clearly…there have been major abuses of power, major obstruction of justice, obvious violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution,” Nadler added. “All of these have to be looked at.”

It’s not clear at all and the emoluments argument is especially ridiculous. They all are absurd but that one is CLEARLY so.

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