Jim Ferguson: UN Troops Coming with Migrants in UK & Ireland


Jim Ferguson claims UN troops are coming in with illegal migrants in the UK and Ireland. He thinks they are coming to enforce the next lockdown. Ferguson says he has evidence and points to the logic in his allegations.

FERGUSON: “If you were fleeing war and tyranny, I don’t know about you, but I would certainly take my wife and children with me. They’re most precious; they’re my prized asset, you know. They’re everything to me. If you’re going to war, you go to war with the lads, and that’s these young men. [They’re] coming over; they are going to be deployed; they will be deployed and people will see then…

“I don’t doubt they’ll still be some Muppets that will stand on their doors banging pots and pans, you know, thanking these young men for helping us, you know, because initially they’ll be deployed in what’s perceived or conveyed as a humanitarian role.

HOST: “I’m going to tell you something. I nearly fell off my chair [in an interview with a candidate for office in Ireland], and I was able to interview him a couple of days ago. He was telling me. and I’d been aware of this, but he was telling me that these illegal migrants are being recruited for police. They’re illegal, right? But they’re going to be given the position of police officers in Ireland to police Irish people and voters as well…”

He added that migrants can vote as long as they have been residents for six months.

Perhaps they are paranoid, but if nothing else, this is interesting. Is it reasonable to suspect, given the moves by the globalists like the World Health Organization and their totalitarian Pandemic Treaty?

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