Joe Biden feels terrible that Michael Brown was taken from us


Presidential candidate Joe Biden doesn’t remember a lot these days. Democrats have given us a candidate with serious cognitive issues to complete the new Banana Republic they have us living in. The one thing he still does know how to do is spread the dung around.

Biden boldly tweeted, “It’s been six years since Michael Brown’s life was taken in Ferguson — reigniting a movement. We must continue the work of tackling systemic racism and reforming policing.”

Uncle Joe is perpetuating a lie — and he must know it’s a lie — to further an evil movement to damage the police and whites with the invented problem of ‘systemic racism.’ He’s still the same segregationist he was when he hung with the Dixiecrats to get ahead. He’s exploiting and dividing people he claims to support.

Biden knows full well that the entire Michael Brown ‘hands up, don’t shoot’  ‘crisis’ was a lie. Brown stole cigars, roughed up the store keep, and then beat an officer while trying to take his gun. Then the much larger ‘gentle giant’ charged the smaller officer because he was obviously bigger than he was smart.

Democrats can do anything and make any lie seem real. Just look at the exaggerated COVID hysteria. We’re not saying COV isn’t serious and we shouldn’t follow the guidelines, we’re saying the Democrats have taken it too far and they like controlling all of us just a bit too much. What happens with the next flu, or some other bug, or some other ‘catastrophe?’

The truth is this is a disease of the aged and the infirm. Everyone else is affected as if it were influenza and children even less so.

Now take the case of the 70-year-old man facing arrest for nothing. If they can put him away, they can do anything. Any excuse for our security and safety appears to work with the unsuspecting American.



  1. When did they let Biden out his basement? I’m surprised he can remember Michael Brown from six years ago. He can’t remember anything he did in politics over the past 50 years. That’s a good thing because most of what he said and did ended up being against black and brown people.

    • One of his handlers wrote that piece of garbage. Joe can’t formulate a coherent thought. It won’t be long before he starts mumbling to his mirror as if he just met the mimic in it. Living in that cave of his just hastens the process. This entire charade is a pathetic farce perpetrated by the party of failed fops. The DNC, Damnable Nebbish Communists.

    • He can’t remember. This tweet is from a member of his staff, purposefully igniting racial tension and pandering to blacks who have bought into the lie that ‘losing’ the hero Michael Brown was a tragedy of immense proportion.

  2. Joe Biden, following in the footsteps of Barack Hussein Obama, whose primary goal was (and still is) to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

    Biden is promoting divisiveness and hatred between blacks and the police, just as Barack Hussein Obama did.

    He is pandering to those members of the black community that ignore the relevant facts regarding Michael Brown’s actions on his last day alive and focus only on the end result…that a white policeman killed a black man, just as Barack Hussein Obama did.

    • biden is just going along with his handlers hoping that they will feed him his next meal and change his diaper soon. he has no idea what is going on. he is promoting what his handlers tell him to promote, trying to say what his handlers tell him to say, and hanging on by a thread mentally, and physically too.

    • They’re going lose their minds when the charges against Chauvin and the others are dropped or reduced to nothing. They’ll still try to hang Chauvin to cover themselves, but George died from a fentanyl OD under Chauvin leg. I don’t know if it’s a crime for a cop, whose not a doctor, to misdiagnose a drug overdose in the field with a suspect that does not wish to be detained claiming he can’t breath. However, the penalty must be far less than second degree murder he was overcharged with. It’s clear now George killed himself with fentanyl. Many do these days. After Treyvon, big Mike and now George the theme of these protests are becoming clear and they have nothing to do with police brutality. All three of these supposed racial problems turned out to be criminality on the supposed victims part not police brutality. Still, they’ll tear something up they’re mad, so they’re allowed to do what we are seeing in the big blue cities. Stop coddling criminals. Bust some head and fill the jail.

  3. “What happens with the next flu, or some other bug, or some other ‘catastrophe?”
    This Covid plandemic is just the beginning of what’s next and Biden knows that his days are numbered considering the rapid health deterioration he suffers from and caused by the very corruption in the medical system that he and the D-moncrats promote.
    I’m curious to hear the people of New York, where Cuomo banned Hydroxychloroquine, if they realize that having access to this treatment may and will equally benefit the left or right.
    Let’s be honest here if anybody votes for the D-moncrats or Biden, tells a lot about their mental illness.

    • The entire Main Stream Media is corrupted and will safely bet that the “fact checkers” in social media would not “censor” the Brown story. The apparent “mental illness” of the voters is a by product of the mal/misinformation that the MSM is wont to subscribe to…hence those who garner all their “current” knowledge of “what is” are necessarily ignorant by default…

  4. Michael Brown was a feral piece of crap, an antisocial menace to civilized society. He got exactly what he deserved, and America is a better place without him in it, just like it is vastly improved by the absence of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Ahmoud Arbery, or any other criminal.

    America does not need criminals. We do not need illegal aliens. We do not need immigrants who refuse to assimilate, who can’t speak our language, and who can’t appreciate or defend our history and our culture (because they come from foreign ones that have nothing in common with our own).

    America should not include criminals, invaders and interlopers who don’t share our cultural background and values.

    Diversity is NOT our strength, in fact it is a fatal weakness….a vulnerability.

  5. I just love the narrative of “Hands up, don’t shoot.” The only people that spoke those words were the black liars in Ferguson that said that POS Brown was shot while he was on his hands and knees by the officer. That is the farthest thing from the truth as is possible. The POS was charging the officer after he had wrestled with the officer for his gun while the officer was in his cruiser and got shot the first time. He then attempted to leave the scene and the officer got out of the cruiser and ordered him to stop. He did, but then turned and charged at the officer and was killed. No hands up, no don’t shoot. They dumbasses even put up a plaque for the POS near where he was killed. Then as usual, the rioting began in the black neighborhood destroying businesses and jobs. Typical of the idiots that live of the democratic plantation. Yet the dems keep lying about the facts and the media does the rest. Anyone that believe the narrative of BLM is one huge idiot and deserves exactly what they get.

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