Joe Biden Lies & Lies About Trump on Air


Joe Biden told another bald-faced lie on CNN, one that is easily debunked. Uncle Joe has always been a liar but now, with videos, he can’t get away with it.

He falsely claimed he never heard Trump condemn white supremacy. He was cagey saying it’s the first time he heard the President say it, but come on, there is no way he didn’t.

Here is the President condemning racism and supremacy after Charlottesville.

The former vice president — who worked closely with his friends — segregationists — tried to tie the President to the KKK. He’s also calling all of Trump’s supporters racists basically.


“They do have a dog whistle. They do have a dog whistle,” the foggy former VP said.

“Look, this is a president who has said things no other president has said since Andrew Jackson. Nobody said anything like the things he’s saying. And the idea that this doesn’t contribute to or legitimate or make it more rational for people to think that we, in fact, can now speak out, we can speak out and be more straightforward and make this an issue, we’ve been through this before. ”

“We went through this before in the ’20s with the Ku Klux Klan and 50,000 people walking down Pennsylvania Avenue in their hats and robes because they decided they didn’t want Catholics coming into the country. We went through it after the Civil War in terms of the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy. This is about separating people and the good and bad in his mind. It is about making — it is about access to power. It is a trait used by charlatans all over the world, divide people, divide them and pit them against one another.”

Jake Tapper didn’t contest it at all. Yet, it’s Biden who got his big start with help from the Dixiecrat racists.


Joe Biden recently reminisced wistfully about how “civil” the old racists were. The media helped provide cover for him and his longtime relationship with them.

Biden related one bizarre story on the campaign trail with Doug Jones:

In October 2017, Biden talked wistfully about the old Dixiecrats [real racists and segregationists] who helped his career, the racist James O. Eastland being one. He recounted a conversation he had with Eastland.

“Son, what’s the matt’uh?” Eastland asked a visibly dejected Biden in 1978.

Biden, a member of the prestigious Senate Judiciary Committee that Eastland chaired, explained that he faced tough re-election odds in November, and feared he might lose his seat.

“What ole Jim Eastland can do for you in Del’uh’wah?” offered Eastland, whose history of explicit white-supremacist rhetoric included warnings years earlier that integration would lead to “mongrelization” and a lowering of educational standards.

“Well, some places you can help, Mr. Chairman, and some places you’d hurt,” Biden replied, knowing Eastland’s endorsement would, if anything, cost him votes in the more liberal northeast.

“Well, I’ll come to Del’uh’wah and campaign for you or agin’ you, whichever will help the most,” the man known back home as “Big Jim” replied knowingly.

“I promise.”

Joe BiteMe then went on to win by 17 percentage points.

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