John Kerry Signed the Papers, No More Coal After 2035


Climate czar, John Kerry, Old Horseface, announced Saturday that the United States has “proudly” committed not to build any new coal plants and to get rid of existing ones entirely. The administration is targeting 2035 as the end date.

“To meet our goal of 100 percent carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035, we need to phase out unabated coal,” Mr. Kerry said in a Dec. 2 statement, in which he announced that the United States had officially joined a coalition of 56 other countries who all plan to ditch coal in the name of climate change.

“We will be working to accelerate unabated coal phase-out across the world, building stronger economies and more resilient communities,” Mr. Kerry said in his statement.

“The first step is to stop making the problem worse: stop building new unabated coal power plants.”

They hope to end coal by 2035 by banning new coal plants and regulating existing ones out of existence. We reported this on the second, and 2038 seemed to be the end date.

He also has a plan to eliminate oil and gas with nothing to replace it. He’s starting with a plan to put oil and gas well operators out of business. These lunatics are going to leave us without energy.

The rest of the world knows Biden is senile and John Kerry is a fool. Why don’t we know that?

Let the lawsuits begin. The DOE will tell you that under 20% of US electricity comes from coal. That’s not accurate. It’s 33%.

The government’s facts are not accurate. We took these from Usibelli Coal Mine:
  • 33% of U.S. electricity is generated from coal.
  • 9 out of every 10 tons of coal mined annually in the U.S. is used for domestic electricity generation.
  • 1,100 manufacturing facilities are using coal in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).
  • EIA estimates that 73% of all coal-based generating capacity was 30 years or older at the end of 2010.
  • Coal accounts for about 30 percent of U.S. total energy production and 21 percent of total energy consumption.
  • Coal is found in 38 states, under 458,600 square miles or about 13 percent of the nation’s land area.
  • U.S. coal mining directly employs nearly 136,000 people/
  • Power plants being built today emit 90 percent less pollutants (SO2, NOx, Particulates, mercury) than the plants they replaced from the 1970s – according to the National Energy Technology Laboratory.
  • Coal is the largest freight commodity moved by barges on the nation’s inland waterways.

At the same time, he has lifted all sanctions on Venezuela’s dirty oil.

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Mad Celt
Mad Celt
2 months ago

I didn’t sign and I sure didn’t give Lurch an okay to sign for me.

2 months ago

Make him be the first passenger on an electric jet.