Joy Reid on Mt Rushmore: a ‘stone idol to presidential colonizers’


Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem criticized MSNBC host Joy Reid for comments she made about Mount Rushmore on Presidents Day.

Communista Reid called the national memorial “the stone idol to presidential colonizers” in a Feb. 15 segment of the “Reid Out.” She also attacked Governor Noem for her support of Donald Trump.

Noem responded, “The left wants to re-write our history by attacking the leaders who made America the most special country ever. It’s our duty to teach our kids the truth.”

Reid is another Democrat America-hater who wants to demonize the 74 million who don’t agree with her and erase our history. She continually attempts to destroy all that is good about America.

Reid is also known for her dishonesty and anti-gay and racist comments. She lies about what she said if there’s too much blowback.

At one point, she wanted to force all Jews in Israel to move to Europe.


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Winston Wolf
Winston Wolf
2 years ago

Comrade Joyless Reid is terribly oppressed in evil ol’ racist (gasp!) America, why she doesn’t even have a platform for venting her spleen against the white male capitalist pig patriarchy.
MSNBC probably beats her and pays her nothing for her high powered intellectual ramblings.
Bull Connor waits by the segregated fountains at the MSNBC faculty lounge.

2 years ago
Reply to  Winston Wolf

Racist pig feeding in the American capitalist bucket that she hates beyond her ability to kl it off. Oppressed, denied, suffering til her eyes bleed. Poor victim 🙁