Judge-Attacking Criminal Looked Like Hannibal Lector In Court


Nevada judge Mary Kay Holthus of Clark County, who was attacked before she could pronounce sentence on a violent criminal last week, sentenced the man, Deobra Redden, today.

“For purposes of the record, I want to make it clear that I am not changing or modifying the sentence I was in the process of imposing last week before I was interrupted by the defendant’s actions. Alright, that being said, … this court does now sentence you, in addition to the $25 administrative assessment fee, $150 DNA fee, the $3 DNA administrative assessment fee, and $250 defense fee, 19 to 48 months of the Nevada Department of Corrections,” Judge Holthus said today.

Mr. Redden

He gets no credit for time served because he was on probation when he committed the prior offense, which was also a violent act.

Violent criminal Redden flew in the air over the bench with his arms and legs wide open and landed on the judge, grabbing her hair.

The man sure can fly.

He pulled out some of the judge’s hair, and she had other injuries but was back at work the next day. A marshal was hospitalized with a dislocated shoulder and a gash on his forehead. The judge’s law clerk was also injured.

An arrest report of the courtroom brawl revealed that Redden pulled out part of Holthus’ hair, according to KSNV. The station, citing an interview in the report with the judge, said she described Redden as “big, strong and angry.”

Screengrab of Hannibal Lector, I mean Mr. Redden

In Monday’s appearance, Redden was sentenced in relation to a battery charge stemming from a baseball bat attack last year. He was initially charged with assault but reached a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty in November 2023 to a reduced charge of attempted battery, resulting in substantial injuries.

Mostly violent offenses mark Redden’s criminal record and include prior convictions for three felonies and nine misdemeanors, District Attorney Steve Wolfson said,

Why isn’t he being punished for attacking the judge, the law clerk, and the Marshal? She is very nice, too nice. He’s going to kill someone one day.

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Ginger Li
Ginger Li
1 month ago

When he came into the court, Redden was fully shackled. As a violent career criminal, why did they ever remove them? So he could express himself in such a manner?

Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

I hope she meets a criminal more proficient in his assault tactics and leaves her family reviewing her will. Such judges are a detriment to the civilized world. They deserve the visitation of those they would unleash on the unwary.