Judge Chutkan Is Related to Hardcore Marxist Subversives


We already reported about the several conflicts of interest with Judge Chutkan, an Obama judge sitting over President Trump’s D.C. trial, but didn’t tell you about a very important one. You will wonder how she can be a judge in the United States when you read it. She’s tied to subversives.

The judge in the D.C. January 6 trial of Donald J. Trump is tied to the “most influential” Jamaican Marxists.

The Article III Project revealed that Chutkan has family ties with the top Marxist revolutionaries in Jamaica.

Judge Chutkan was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1962. Her grandfather Frank Hill and great uncle Ken Hill were key to the founding of Jamaica’s People’s National Party (PNP). Ken Hill was “by far the most influential” member of a Marxist group within the PNP, according to one member of the group.

Three years later, former Jamaican Governor Sir Arthur Richards jailed Ken and Frank Hill for subversive activity. Richards called Ken Hill “probably the most dangerous subversive agent in Jamaica.”

Chutkan’s mother, Noelle, is Frank Hill’s daughter and Ken Hill’s niece.

So now we have daughter Tanya in the D.C. courts since 2014 presiding over the fraudulent case against the Save America, America First candidate, Donald J. Trump.

In 2021, Chutkan ruled hundreds of pages of the former president’s White House records could be turned over to the January 6 investigating committee despite Trump’s objections, as Breitbart News reported. She also donated to Obama’s 2008 and 2012 political campaigns.

Her far-left husband, Peter Krauthamer, is also a judge in D.C. thanks to Marxist Barack.

Chutkan was brutal to the J6 defendants, far more than any of the other D.C. judges.

What are the chances she’s not a hardcore Marxist subversive?

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