Judge Kavanaugh Releases a Statement, It’s the “Twilight Zone”


Attorney Michael Avenatti, on the eve of Brett Kavanaugh’s high-profile hearing to address sexual misconduct allegations, identified and released a “sworn declaration” from a woman who claims the Supreme Court nominee was involved in “gang” rapes in the early 1980s.

Avenatti’s client was identified as Julie Swetnick, who further claims in the statement that Kavanaugh and a friend were “present” when she became a “victim of one of these ‘gang’ or ‘train’ rapes” in 1982.

Judge Kavanaugh released a statement.

“This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone. I don’t know who this is and it never happened.”

President Trump issued a statement, trashing Avenatti.

He tweeted: Avenatti is a third rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations, like he did on me and like he is now doing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. He is just looking for attention and doesn’t want people to look at his past record and relationships – a total low-life!

The President is right about the creepy porn lawyer but that doesn’t mean the woman’s claims are lies.

The media is now comparing the judge to Bill Cosby. Professors at Yale want him to be stripped of his diplomas.

There are reasons why it is hard to believe.

The problem with Avenatti’s client is he is an avid hard-left Democrat anti-Trumper. All or most of the Democrats will stop at nothing to stop the Republicans from appointing a Supreme Court justice. They have literally been off the rails and have made it clear they are willing to destroy Judge Kavanaugh.

Chuck Schumer promised the hard left base he will stop at nothing.

The timing is also very suspect.


The claim has holes and we do have to find out if it’s legitimate sworn testimony given the fact that it came from the creepy porn lawyer.

Erick Erickson made another good point. The claimant, as the adult with high school girls being drugged and raped, only avoided the punch.

Also, why did she keep going to these parties?


The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have wasted no time in handing their letter over to the President. The media also has it. They undoubtedly had a heads up on this.

In a letter, all 10 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee called on Trump to either withdraw Kavanaugh from consideration, or order an FBI investigation “into all allegations.”


Michael Avenatti Has Posted the Name of His Kavanaugh Accuser – Updated

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4 years ago

It is reported that Swetnick has liens totally over 100 thousand dollars, one being a 2014 Federal Tax lien of 40 thousand. Will those liens be satisfied shortly.

She is listed as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit by Webtrends Corporation.

It would seem rather odd that a “college girl” would be going to “high school” parties.

The progression of all the charges are what is typical in similar attacks. The first will always be mild, but raise eyebrows and create a sense of suspicion among those hearing the charges. If enough time lapses those mild accusations would soon be dismissed in a person’s mind. In order to reinforce the first, an escalation is necessary to move from a raised eyebrow to more of serious concern. By now initial suspicions will start to cement in the mind. The final charge would not normally even warrant consideration but as the situation progressed it has allowed the perpetrators to be given consideration at the end. This is an orchestrated progression that nearly always play out in the same manner. It allows a “story” to be developed much in the same way a novel or film is constructed. The information can never be revealed in total at the beginning because the natural person will be overwhelmed and unable to process the details. This is why reporters will actually categorize their “work” as writing a “story”. Those who desire to develop a narrative will supply the information in a story form, because it will better fit with a convincing outcome. Many knew this would come but fail to realize the the templates that are used.

4 years ago

Another detail about the polygraph note and the July 30th letter to Sen, Finkelstink, 6 times Kavanaugh is mentioned in the letter to Finkelstink, not one time is he mentioned in the Aug. 7th polygraph note, the name Mark is mentioned 3 times, Ford, if Kavanaugh attacked you why would you not mention his name during a polygragh????????

Richard Maxson
Richard Maxson
4 years ago

Avanatzi The Creepy Porn Lawyer has presented this “sworn declaration” from Swetnick. In order to be a legal sworn statement, the document must be SWORN TO AND SIGNED BEFORE SOMEONE LIKE A “NOTARY PUBLIC”, and that swearing is documented below the signature of the maker of the statement.

This document is pre-signed, therefore the “Notary” could not verify that the signature was that of the person presenting it to him. It must be signed IN FRONT of him.

The copy of the document I saw published in the L. A. Times has no such declaration by a “Notary”. Without this “Notary” declaration this is not a legally defined “sworn statement.”

The purpose of the “Notarization” is to verify the signature.

4 years ago

The polygraph and a handwritten note Ford or the polygraph person wrote has been released to the senate judiciary committee, OMG, go look at the note, was whoever totally drunk on their a$$ when they wrote it, it looks like a 2rd grader wrote it, misspelled words, crossed out words. it also contradicts the letter she sent to Sen Finkelstink, the polygraph letter says 4 boys and a couple girls, letter to Finkelstink says”me and 4 others” another important thing, Fords letter to Finkelstink is dated July 30, 2018. the polygraph notes/letter is dated Aug.7,2018, she told Finkelstink she would be on vacation in the Mid-Atlantic until Aug.7, so the day she comes off vacation, she takes a polygraph???????

4 years ago

Ok, 2 claim sexual assault by Kavanaugh, 1 claims gang rape at a party when Judge and Kavanaugh were present, and none of them went to law enforcement to report it, kinda funny it wasn’t a problem when Kavanaugh worked at the white house, federal judge for 12 years, now he a nominee for SCOTUS and their sh^tting their pants. I expect a lot of tears and Kleenex when Ford gets asked hardball questions with the Dems calling for multiple breaks so Ford can regain her composure, of course many yelling idiots being yanked out by the capital police, I got plenty of popcorn, should be good!!!!!