Kamala campaigns for VP by beefing up her anti-gun creds


After trying to damage Joe Biden over busing on the debate stage, suggesting he’s a racist, which he might be, Kamala Harris is now trying to look more appealing to him as a running mate. She’s using her many charms which her former boss, Willie Brown, knows all about.

The unappealing leftist woman joined Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts and Everytown for Gun Safety to build up her bona fides with senile Joe.

Harris went onto their Veepstakes for antigun talk. Watts and Sen. Harris dismissed the concerns of millions of Americans who buy guns during crises such as the pandemic. They claimed — falsely — the concerns are unfounded and baseless.

“We’re seeing these AstroTurf protests springing up at statehouses,” Watts said. “They’re fueled by fearmongering from the NRA and their allies. It’s really terrifying. These rallies are organized and funded by gun extremists.”

Harris agreed and said, “It’s not grassroots. It’s a façade. It’s a front for some other agenda. It’s not real.”

No, sleep-your-way-to-the-top Kamala, it is grassroots and it is not baseless. She thinks all of you who bought guns aren’t real people, at least that’s what she says, although we know she lies.

They have our borders open and millions are still pouring into the country illegally. They are letting prisoners out of jail at a phenomenal rate. There is no bail in New York and other states promise to follow suit. Prosecutors have publicly said they won’t prosecute quite a few crimes. And police are not backed up. So, yes, we have good reason to want a gun.

“So listen, I’m always gonna be supportive of peaceful protests,” Harris claimed. Sure, take that to the bank.

Sen. Harris supported the Untraceable Firearms Act, S. 3473, introduced by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.). Watts brought it up, saying, “Many websites are selling out of ghost guns, these homemade, unserialized guns that have shown up at crime scenes across the country.”

Harris echoed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other gun control groups to demonize the unassembled firearms that have been legal since the founding of America. Sen. Harris said the kits “allow you to bypass all the precautions we’ve put into place.”

But that’s not true, at all, in any way.

So-called “ghost guns” are expensive and difficult to produce. They are very rarely used in crimes. The Department of Justice confirmed through surveys that most criminals obtain firearms through theft or the black market.

They lie and they connive. As they demand we lockdown, take our liberties away, tell us we must be tracked, they also want us unarmed.

Go to Ammoland where we found this story.

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