Scoundrel Mitt Romney joins the mail-in voting bandwagon


Speaker Pelosi and her gang of Democrats have exposed their ultimate goal of a permanent electoral majority any number of times with their open borders, ballot harvesting, lawsuits to redistrict, extraordinary funds put into smaller races to swing states left, and now they are pushing for mail-in voting.

Pelosi has put it in the $3 trillion socialist relief package and is using the virus as an excuse, yet Wisconsin had in-person voting without anyone getting the virus.

Mitt Romney, whose hatred of President Trump has swung him even further left than he was, is now on the mail-in voting bandwagon.

“In my state, I’ll bet 90% of us vote by mail. It works very very well and it’s a very Republican state,” Romney told reporters on Capitol Hill when asked about the president’s comments, according to ABC News.

Whatever it takes to get rid of #OrangeManBad.

The President mistakenly put out a tweet that said Michigan was sending ballots to 7.7 million people in Michigan. He later deleted the original tweet and corrected the word ‘ballots’ to ‘ballot applications.’

There were attacks launched over the president’s error, however, and the concept was lost.

If you think ballot harvesting was bad, wait until you see mail-in voting. I personally saw the corruption in the absentee ballots while working polls in New York and this will be far worse.

It’s a cheat-by-mail scheme. Once in place, we will never have another fair election.



  1. Just another weak minded RINO who is on the worn path to Patriotic Independent, followed by Reluctant democrat because “his party left him and America.”. The timeline of this inevitable transition will depend on November’s results.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Romney, however let us not forget a couple of interesting facts. The man who was going to run for the Utah Senate seat was Boyd Matheson, former Chief of Staff to Senator Mike Lee – and a real asset to the Conservative movement not only in Utah, but also around the nation. The push to have Romney run instead of Matheson, came from Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden. McConnell absolutely did not want another Conservative on his roster and Joe Biden knew RINO Romney would be another ‘undercover’ buddy. The icing on the cake was when McConnell convinced Trump to endorse yet another SUPER Rino and Romney was on his way. President Trump has no one to blame for his RINO ‘thorn’ but himself; he could have gotten behind Matheson, as he has several others, and had a solid friend in the Senate.

      • Yes he did M; you are absolutely correct about Hatch. But that fact simply adds to the overall picture of what happened – and what is continuing to happen in Utah. In 2010, Mike Lee challenged incumbent Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) due to his very liberal voting record as a Republican. Bennett lost – as he should have. As the years went by, Senior US Senator from Utah Hatch became more and more liberal in his voting and faced the same possible fate as Bennett from the voters. However, while up for re-election, he “promised’ the Utah voters if they returned him just one more time to the Senate, he would retire after that. When the time came for him to step down, he seriously considered not doing so, but changed his mind when confronted by several of the, shall we say, “leaders” in Utah. At the time he retired, Orrin Hatch had earned himself a miserable Conservative voting score of F-31% from Conservative Review. He was considered one of the biggest RINO’s in the country – and with good reason obviously. His support of Romney, who currently shows a Conservative voting record of F-50%, simply adds to the overall picture of who the inner-circle people were who got Mitt elected; and it certainly wasn’t the Conservative leadership in America. Take care and hope all is well with you.

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