Kathy Griffin Is Permanently Suspended from Twitter – Update


Kathy Griffin was permanently suspended from Twitter for impersonating Elon Musk without notifying people that it was a parody.

In an update, Elon Musk said she can have her account back…for $8.

Kathy Griffin in her natural state

Griffin’s account was at first temporarily restricted after she impersonated Musk by changing her profile photo to his photo and her user name to “Elon Musk,” even though her handle remained as “@kathygriffin.”

Elon Musk made that rule clear.

“Going forward, any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying “parody” will be permanently suspended,” Elon Musk said on Sunday.

“Previously, we issued a warning before the suspension, but now that we are rolling out widespread verification, there will be no warning.” Musk said.

“This will be clearly identified as a condition for signing up to Twitter Blue,” he added.


Twitter has explicit rules prohibiting the impersonation of other people. “You may not impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations to mislead, confuse, or deceive others, nor use a fake identity in a manner that disrupts the experience of others on Twitter,” the company’s terms of service says.

“If we determine a profile features another’s image, we will also evaluate the context in which the image is used,” the terms of service state. “We are most likely to take action if an account falsely claims to be the entity portrayed in the profile photo, as with impersonation or fake accounts.”

We won’t miss her. She’s an unfunny, failed comic who spends her time trashing the Right. Griffin threatens Donald Trump’s life, and no one cares. Unfortunately, she could return.

She’s posting from a little-known site known as mastodon about being suspended.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

The ‘crazies’ are still out there…they however identify themselves as “sane”….