Kerch Bridge Reopens, Russia to Respond in “War Without Rules”


Russian Senator Alexander Bashkin says Moscow will answer the Crimean Bridge attack with a “possibly asymmetric response.” He says the “terrorist attack” is a declaration of “war without rules.

Russians promised a judgment day if Crimea was attacked. It appears civilians died in the bombing, and a train went on fire.


The Russians said the Kerch bridge is now open for cars and buses. It will be open for trains later today.

“The movement of vehicles along the Crimean Bridge has resumed. At the moment, traffic is open to cars and buses with a full inspection procedure,” the head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, announced on Telegram.

Truck drivers are advised to use the Kerch ferry crossing, he added.

Russia’s Transport Ministry said that road traffic had been reopened on the bridge, with one lane available for traffic alternating in both directions.

This Ukrainian action appears to have turned out like the 20-kilometer incursion through Russian defense lines, which was unsuccessful.

Sky News has confirmed that the bridge opened.

The Sky News report:

A key bridge from Russia to Crimea has reopened to traffic after it was partially destroyed in an explosion.

Moscow has said three people were killed in the blast it has attributed to a truck bomb.

Russian authorities have also said the attack was a “terrorist action” carried out by Ukraine.

On the Telegram channel of Russia’s foreign ministry, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: “The Kyiv regime’s reaction to the destruction of civilian infrastructure demonstrates its terrorist nature.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent ministers to the bridge and formed a government panel to investigate the cause of the incident.

Ukrainian officials have repeatedly threatened to strike the bridge, and some lauded the attack, but Kyiv has stopped short of claiming responsibility.

This war is starting to look like Vietnam and Afghanistan. For years we heard we were winning but never were.

There was a lot of spiking the ball and all that did was infuriate the Russians more as they plan their response.

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