King Newsom bans indoor gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas


California won’t allow indoor family gatherings for the holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving, and outdoor gatherings are limited to three families for a maximum of two hours.

This is arbitrary and tyrannical.

“Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited. This includes everyone present, including hosts and guests.  Remember, the smaller the number of people, the safer,” reads the  “Guidance for Private Gatherings,” issued by the California Department of Public Health on October 9.

“The host should collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later.”

The new California rules apply to private gatherings which the state defines as “social situations that bring together people from different households at the same time in a single space or place.”

“Gatherings should be two hours or less.  The longer the duration, the risk of transmission increases,” reads the guidelines.

The new guidelines state that “All persons planning to host or participate in a private gathering” must comply with the guidelines which include collecting the information of guests “in case” contact tracing is required.

If you like tyranny, vote Democrat, sheeple.



  1. Sucking all the joy out of life is a feature and not a bug to the comrades. Protests and riots by most favored “victim” groups will be encouraged and supported.
    Family and religion get in the way of obedience to the god that failed known as the state.

  2. Meh…just ignore Newsome. Interestingly, these tyrannical governors wouldn’t be able to pull this stuff if police stopped jackbooting for them. The cops enforce the governors’ and mayors’ blatantly unconstitutional decrees and then turn around and ask Americans to support them when the race terrorists try defunding them. One hand washes the other. You can’t expect Americans to support the very forces that facilitate the Left’s oppression of American citizens.

    • Amen!

      San Jose Convention Center, June 2016: SJPD herding lawful (but conservative) American citizens into mob violence.

      Urban police are unionized and run by leftist mayors and chiefs – and they follow their orders.

    • Actually I would invite everyone I knew to both holidays and have a grand party. Singing, dancing and dare this tinhorn Hitler thug to do anything. Time for even CA. surfs to find their backbone and rebel.

  3. This fool needs to Step DOWN, because he is the problem in Ca. (along with Aunt Nancy Pelosi) who thinks he IS KING. This inept Gov. did NOT ban any ‘protesting, did he?” Of course Not, it’s what they want-FEAR of the Covid to keep us in “Lock Down”….Their Anarchists-Rioting and burning down businesses and destroying property(ALL in Democrat run cities, and states…..He is a disgrace and like Gov. Brown Before him, Part of the Democrat Thugs who have taken our once great state of Ca. and turned it into a “Sancturary
    State, with cities like San Francisco, into “San FranFECES”, and like the stupid Dem. Mayor Gacetti of L.A., into “Lost Angeles”…..Keep it up you Corrupt Democrats….YOU WILL BE THE ONES WHO WILL BE SORRY FOR YOUR CORRUPT, MONEY-HUNGRY WAYS AND LUST FOR POWER…ALL ENDING SOON!

    • Ending soon? Really? I think not. Stupid people getting free crumbs from the gubment. Yhey keep coming back for more don’t they?

    • Not necessarily. I live in Calif. ,and I can assure you that there was some illegal
      vote tampering that went on to get him into office .

  4. kiss my ass. I am having 36 people for Thanksgiving and 44 on Chistmas. and 52 on New Years. WHY DO’NT YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. YOU COMMIE FUCK

  5. If the USA had a decent, honest, oath following attorney general, this nonsense would have been stopped months ago. Instead, the USA has a corrupt, coup supporting coward in the job. Localities laugh at his cowardice and inaction, they are given a green light to persist in mass civil liberty violations. Hero actor Barr went on TV a few months ago to criticize the violations of our liberties and pretended he would act.

    All that is required is a federal lawsuit against the governor and state.

    Anger towards Newsom does no good.

  6. Everyone can proclaim a Thansgivign and Christmas riot indoors?
    Ofcourse not. There is no mistakign the intent, the agenda.
    Jutlike Cuomo and DiBlasio in New York Chritians and Jews are targeted fro specail attentin.
    I suppose on the Holiday;s Newsom’s Brown Shrits that is Black Garb will rill riot and Polcie will goaptthem to make sure there are nto too many cars in drivewasy and no Christmas caroling. No smells of Turkey cooking and pies and scuh and no kids outside playing with new tosy or indorrs, either. ironic that they will ivade homes to enforce Covid rles as,,,,criminals visit stores and steal everything they can handle and walk with no interference. And Rioters, a bond if cited and a ticket to appear which they will ignore and the bodnforefited as a fien paid by Hollywood and Soros. When will Christians and Jews be issued their yellow stars to be sewed on their clothing?

  7. Stand for the freedom which truly sets you free. That is a sound government, which upholds your right to assemble, not a foolish governor who thinks it is his right to remove those rights.

  8. Why not call it a peaceful protest to get around Canute Newsom? All tactics work both ways and that includes lawfare.

  9. I would tell Newsom to suck my balls….bet he’s not worthy of the pleasure. No only will I not comply, I will gather as amany people as I can get to come over just to spite him!

  10. Gavin Newsom can go fuque himself. We will not abide by his dictates when they go off the rails because he believes he is God and we’re supposed to follow him into the pits of Hell. Any business which continue to shut down will go out of business, IS THAT WHAT YOU MORONS REALLY WANT. ARE YOU GOING TO BE A PARTY TO YOUR SELF DESTRUCTION JUST BECAUSE SOME IDIOT ASK YOU TO?

    Newsom needs to be arrested for Treason for his working with China in a billion dollar money laundering scheme which they hid within the scrambling for PPEs in the early stages in our lack of understanding of just what we were up against. He and his aunt Nancy Pelosi are both compromised and apparently still abide by their Cosa Nostra roots !!!

  11. Claim you are either BLM or Muslim, problem solved. Personally, I’d invited everyone to be ARMED, and any “enforcer” coming to your door should be considered a hostile foreign invader, and dealt with appropriately. Believe me, there are plenty of police NOT on our side, time to start weeding them out. Enforce communism, and you get what you deserve.

  12. Seems to me that the police have far better things to do then to go around enforcing the blatantly illegal and unconstitutional act. Police; when will you stop betraying your Oath and start telling Newsome you won’t enforce this violation of the First Amendment?

  13. Remember – the virus can jump 26 feet, live under water, thrive in sub-zero temperatures, and withstand fire. “scientists say” that under an electron microscope, you can see it wears a dark cape and has an exceptionally large penis.

  14. AMERICANS IGNORED THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF HISTORY,the founding fathers warned everyone,NO WITCHES,NO STANDING ARMIES,NO MUSLIMS,NO CATHOLICS,NO DEVIL WORSHIPERS,and water the tree of freedom and liberty every twenty yeas with the blood of Traitiors,ALL OF IT HAS BEEN IGNORED,your country is full of foreign military,traitors at every level of government,and world wide war is at hand,IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE LORD JESUS,Now would be a good time to call out to him,hes waiting to hear from you,DO NOT WAIT TILL YOUR STANDING IN FRONT OF HIM,and he says to you, who are you,only people he knows will be getting into HIS house…

    • “It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated MOST of the wars of Europe.” Marquis de LaFayette

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