KJP Can’t Seem to Find the Exit Despite Broad Hints


The Biden administration has tried to force KJP out since she’s a failed spokesperson. She is a fount of no information, lies, and says ridiculous things. She reads answers to reporters’ questions from a binder and often won’t answer even simple questions. The Biden administration thinks she’s bad for the Biden campaign.

She’s not as bad as Joe Biden is for the Biden campaign.

We already reported that John Kirby tried to push her away from the podium, but she battled with him and won.

The administration can’t fire her since she’s a historic, gay, black woman, and a much-regaled diversity, equity, and inclusion hire.

Allegedly, Biden administration toadies have tried to convince her to resign. They wanted a quick, graceful exit for the black female lesbian SPOX.


The New York Post said the plan to get her to leave began last fall between communications lead Mao-quoting Anita Dunn and Chief of Staff Jeff Zients. They were concerned about her reading directly from notes and failing to prepare for briefings.

She’s not going and can’t take a hint, so they have to leak to the press.

“There was an effort to have some outside folks who Karine knows and trusts talk to her about why leaving last fall would have made a lot of sense for her and her career,” a source told the Post, calling it an “effort to encourage her to move along.”

Jean-Pierre, the person added, “had been in the job for a year and a half at that point, which is a pretty standard tenure for a press secretary in what is admittedly a very demanding job [and] Jeff and Anita [tried] to have folks that she would listen to and trust talk to her about why it might be wise to do that.”

She seems like the type to force them to fire her.

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