Laura Ingraham Begs President Trump to Stop Talking About 2020


During a monologue on The Ingraham Angle on Fox, Laura Ingraham urged Trump to redirect his focus to the future. She suggested that he stop talking about the 2020 election if he intends to succeed in the 2024 presidential race.

Ingraham insisted that revisiting the past wouldn’t draw new supporters to his campaign and could potentially shrink his current following.

She’s a bit condescending and name-calls, but beyond that, what do you think?

“As for President Trump, focus on the prize – 270 electoral votes. Everything you say, everything you do should be geared to winning in the states you need to win. There should be a 50-state campaign for America. Attacking popular Republican governors or senators in battleground states is more than unwise. It’s self-destructive. Why do it?

“Voters in a general election want to vote for a winner, not a whiner, so please, for the love of God, stop talking about 2020. Stop talking about 2020. Stop talking about 2020. That will not bring a single voter out to support you who didn’t support you before.

“You need to grow the pot, not shrink it. Be magnanimous and be the elder statesman that Biden is not obviously capable of. It that will reassure people and, look, your policies worked before. They’re going to work again. The Democrats are banking on these trials, and they’re banking on a distracted electorate to pull Biden over the finish line. Hey guys, let’s not let him get away with that.


Video via Kyle Becker

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