Rep. Jordan Takes on a Most Serious Threat to Democracy


Calling the pending indictment of ex-President Donald Trump “an unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan on Monday sent a letter demanding testimony and documents about the probe from New York’s district attorney.

The Left is very emboldened and are willing to destroy democracy [Constitutional Republic] to get what they want. The end justifies the means.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent the letter Monday morning demanding Bragg’s cooperation. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and Bryan Steil (R-WI) also signed the letter.

Fox News on the letter to Bragg:

Jordan warned Bragg that if news reports of a possible Trump indictment are accurate, Bragg’s actions “will erode confidence in the evenhanded application of justice and unalterably interfere in the court of the 2024 presidential election.”

“In light of the serious consequences of your actions, we expect that you will testify about what plainly appears to be a politically motivated prosecutorial decision,” Jordan wrote.

“The legal theory underlying your reported prosecution appears to be tenuous and untested,” Jordan wrote.

The statute of limitations on a matter of “falsifying business records,” which Jordan said “would ordinarily be a misdemeanor subject to a two-year statute of limitations,” would have “expired long ago.”

Jordan said that the five-year statute “would likely expire soon and thus explains your rush to indictment.”

This is so much more than one misguided prosecution, and it is beyond Donald Trump. It is a glaring abuse of power, an overreach that is so broad it truly threatens democracy. If people allow this, we don’t have a country.

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