‘Perfect’ Raffensperger-Trump phone call was very different from reportage


Raffensperger obviously leaked the conversation he had with President Trump and others. And it was leaked to the left-wing rag, The Washington Post, which selectively released a clip that would present a very different picture from the entire hour-long clip. It is a clip that made the President look like he was threatening Raffensperger to change the electoral votes. The truth is very different.

To show he wasn’t a lying snake, Raffensperger proved he was a lying snake by releasing a secretly recorded conversation with the United States president.

What the media won’t tell you is there was a reason for the call that the media has failed to report. It was pending litigation in Georgia by the Trump campaign and they were trying to reach a settlement with Raffensperger.

Another issue is the detailed data that the Trump campaign wanted to examine that only the Secretary of State has access to. It is superior to the data which is publicly available.

Trump wasn’t pressuring Raffensperger to find votes for him, but rather for him to do his job and discover all of the invalid votes that were cast.

Why won’t Raffensperger provide access to the data? He is probably trying to run out the clock.


What was released compared to the purpose of the call were two entirely different things. The President had his lawyers on the call, and it was a perfect and legitimate call. The President’s team wanted Fulton County’s information, with its hidden suitcases of ballots, but Raffensperger and his lawyers will not provide the information. They said they would give them information on another county but not that one. They wouldn’t give the President’s lawyers their work product of the investigation of the hidden suitcases of ballots.


The WaPo and the Democrats conveniently left that out when they released a carefully selected segment from the conversation.  They made the call into a problem of more chaos from Trump. In fact, the chaos is from the lying media and the snakes in Georgia politics.

President Trump clearly believes the election was fraudulent. He wasn’t concerned about 11,000 votes, but rather far more corrupt votes.

Raffensperger insists that he debunked every claim. Yet, he will not let anyone on the Trump side see the evidence. Why? If he’s so sure of himself, why isn’t Raffensperger transparent?

President Trump’s supporters want him to pursue this because we need to have faith in our electoral system, and right now, we don’t.

Watch this clip from Newsmax to hear what you won’t hear anywhere else:



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1 year ago

Raffensperger is a reptilian politician. He and Brian Kemp are both disingenuous if not congenital liars. They both act as if they support President Trump and the GOP but they are in bed with the alligators…in the swamp.

Raffensperger knows he’s ignored to constitution in his arbitrary changing of Georgia election laws. He appeased Stacey Abrams, likely to console her and the black voters who still think she should have won against Kemp in the gubernatorial race.

Raffensperger will pay in the next election he faces.

Cum ala
Cum ala
1 year ago

Was just wondering, isn’t it treason?
If yes, what’s the delay?
The punishment for not releasing data and stealing the people’s vote is punishable with capital punishment.
Did I miss something?